Peaches to the Beaches

Our annual Peaches to the Beaches treasure hunting was another success this year.  Scott and I had a great time browsing through the various stops along Hwy 341.

We saw some cool looking furniture at this particular place.  
Even got some ideas for redoing our two desk chairs at home.  

We went in a couple of old historic homes filled to the brim with beautiful old furniture and decorative items.

Sadly, our plans to leave Thursday night and head to the beach to spend the night got changed.  Mainly because a tree fell on our well Wednesday night in all of that wind.  We didn't have water Wednesday night and Thursday until Scott got a chance to repair it Thursday evening after work.  So we just got up early Friday morning and headed out.  We literally shopped all day!  

Surprisingly, this is the only stuff I bought......$19.00 worth!  But I love all of it and look forward to implementing it in my decor.  

I especially loved this yellow pig planter I found!  I bought several things there and forgot about him when I went to pay for the other items in hand.  When I realized it, we had to go back on our way home and get him.  I can't wait to see how cute he will be with a small plant in him in my kitchen :)

Scott drove us the whole day (usually does most of the driving since I don't like backseat drivers telling me what to do...ha!).  I'm so glad that we enjoy spending time together.  We have fun whether it's a date night at a fine restaurant, grocery shopping, or treasure hunting.  So thankful for him!

What about y'all.....any of you go to that 200 mile yard sale last weekend?  What did you find?

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