My spring break and a few projects

It's spring break for me this week.  That doesn't mean a trip to the beach (not ready to put on a swim suit yet anyway), but it does mean NO HOMEWORK and a few decorating projects in the works.

I'm pretty much done with my spring decorating and will be posting a few photos later this week.  But I've got three little projects I've had planned for a while and will finally have time to complete them.

1. burlap covered canvas with wooden letter initial for my bedroom
I received a Michael's gift card at Christmas and used it to purchase all the items I needed for this project...so it's been a LONG time coming!

2. white coffee filter wreath for living room
I've been seeing these for a while now and just love them!  My spring mantel is just he right spot to display one.  Here's what they look like........compliments of The Nester

3. DIY word art for the kitchen
I've got two small painted canvases in my kitchen that I'm redoing.  They have roosters on them and I'm tired of looking at them, so I'm respraying them and doing my own word art instead.  Wish me luck!

I've been tweaking the decor in my kitchen and breakfast area in my spare time the last few weeks.  "De-roostering", that is - lol!  I still love my chickens and the farm house feel they give to a room, but I just have too many of them.  I also wanted to lighten/brighten things up a bit in there.  I had too much red/burgundy colors, so I've been shopping my house to help with that and I'm just about done.  I need to get some new pics of that room as well.

Speaking of pics, I'm thinking about saving my money to buy a new camera.  Now that I'm nearing the end of my school years, I'll have time to play around and learn how to properly use one.  Also, Dillan has some mad editing skills and can teach me everything I need to know ;)

To end my spring break week, Scott and I are going to the annual "Peaches to the Beaches" yard sale.  This is Georgia's longest yard sale that extends along US Highway 341, the Golden Isles Parkway.  It's March 14-15 from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm each day if you're interested.

We went last year for the first time and took Dillan along with us.  We had a blast!  We only went to a few towns since it was a last minute trip, but we had some major finds!  This year it'll just be me and Scott, so we've decided to turn it into a fun overnight trip!  We'll leave Thursday evening and head to Brunswick to spend the night.  While we're on the coast we might as well make it a point to take a walk on the beach that night, right?  So yeah, I'm kinda going to the beach for spring break ;)  Then we'll get up Friday morning and shop all the way back home.  Yes!  It'll be so much fun!

Yard sales are the best places to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.  Last year, we found a beautiful solid wood, round coffee table I had been in search of.  Scott also found him a very nice keyboard, and we found numerous things for Dillan's loft apartment and bedroom makeover at home.  I can't wait to see what we find this year, so stay tuned!

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