Happy Birthday to YOU !!!

You see this guy right here?  Well....it's his birthday!  The big 2-0!  And that makes it official......he's no longer a teenager.  That also makes this mama a little sad :(

I do believe this is the first time I've not been able to look at my child face-to-face on his special day :(  But that's life.  When they grow up and get busy living their own lives, it just happens like this sometimes.  And it'll be ok.  I'll get to see him soon and spoil him a little bit ;)

So here's wishing my favorite young man a VERY Happy Birthday today in the ATL!!!  (already text, Facebooked, and Twittered this...I can't say it enough)

Now, please find time to text your mama and let me know what kind of cake/dessert you want to celebrate with when you're able to come home ;)

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