Keep making me

It takes courage and bravery to allow God to break you.  It takes even more to intentionally ask God to have His way in your life.....especially if you know the sacrifice that it may require.

Why would we even want to experience the pain of brokenness, emptiness, or loneliness for the sake of Christ?   Because it is the only way we can truly know Him.  It is how we truly become one with Him.

It's not an easy process and is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those who have reached a point where they recognize the need to die to self daily.  It is for those who are secure in their faith, but they want more of Jesus.  They want to know Him so intimately that they desire to trade their own selfish desires for His Will on a daily basis.

Paul knew about this journey of faith that requires so much of us.  Yet he continued to pursue Christ despite the pain and hardships he had to endure.  Why?  Because he realized that despite all the trials he suffered, it only brought him closer to the One who had already saved him.

In comparison to a life filled with uncertainties and a thirst that could never be quenched, he had now tasted true freedom....even in the confines of a prison.  No chains or bars could contain the spirit of Christ living within Him.  His soul had tasted the living water that can fill all of the empty places in our lives.

That same spirit lives in each believer and longs to be set lose in our everyday lives and circumstances. It is that spirit of Christ living in us that transforms our thoughts and directs our words and deeds.  It is that same spirit within us that gives us the power to live a sold-out, all-in-it-for-Jesus lifestyle that causes others to want what we have.

Do we have the courage to ask this of Christ?  Are we brave enough to ask him to break us if that is what is required?  Are we willing to feel empty and lonely while we wait for Him to fill us and complete us?

He longs to be our heart's desire.

He longs to be our everything.

When we give him the broken pieces of our hearts, He can be trusted to put them back together.  When we give Him the remnants of our shattered dreams, He will give us a new vision and renew our purpose.

I love this new song by The Sidewalk Prophets.  It was the inspiration for this post.  Click the link to listen.

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Lisa notes... said...

Asking to be broken is a scary prayer. I haven't heard of this song until now, but I love it. It's a scary song itself, but such an anthem of trust in the Father.

"‘Til You are my one desire
‘Til You are my one true love
‘Til You are my breath, my everything
Lord, please keep making me"

Lynn Langford said...

Yes, it is scary...almost hard to sing. But I know there's truth in it. I try to remember that He only wants what's best for me. I have to trust Him for the end result.

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa :)

Patty Sumner said...

Lynn,this just jabs at my heart.. My husband and I are in a season of waiting.. We have found in the waiting season..it is always about God preparing----cutting---shaping---breaking us for the next season that is to come.. It is scary.. it is humbling..and we have to learn to trust that He knows exactly what is to come and will take us through to it.. still... the world is loud and distracting!! The enemy wants us to be defeated.. he sure does not want us to experience the freedom that comes with the surrending experience.. I am so glad that the Lord does not give up.. I guess all I can ask is.. Lord, please keep making me.. Blessings for such a Word filled heart and bold post..

Beth said...

"When we give him the broken pieces of our hearts, He can be trusted to put them back together." Amen!
It does take courage and bravery though and it's a journey of asking Him to have His way in our life daily. But He is SO worth it.
Visiting from Tell His Story linkup today.
Blessings to you.

Lynn Langford said...

Yes, Beth....He is so worth it! I'm so thankful that He is so faithful and has ALWAYS been there for me...through every situation, good and bad.

Praying for you my sweet friend. I hope we can meet in person one day. You always encourage me with your comments and help me to know that I'm not alone in my way of thinking and looking for God in everyday life. Keep trusting Him :)