Endless Love & The Originals

starring Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde 

Dillan's first time working as an extra on a movie set was last summer.  It was for the new movie, Endless Love that is out in theaters today.  I hope to go see it soon and look for Dillan in several scenes.  

The photo below is from the movie.  I found the picture on the web.  Dillan is in the top right holding a red solo cup.  The scene is from a high school graduation party (hence the red solo cup!).

He was in several other scenes as well.  This picture is from the lake scene where all the kids were swimming.  He made some friends on the set that he still tries to keep in touch with.  

He's also doing some more work as a "night walker" on The Originals.  This photo shows him with some others who have become friends from that set.

in costume for The Originals

Recently Dillan had the opportunity to stand in as Niklaus on The Originals.  During that time, Daniel Gillies who plays the character, Elijah, and Danielle Campbell, who plays Davina, came over and introduced themselves to Dillan.  They realized he was new on the set as a stand-in and were nice enough to go over and speak.  I thought that was very gracious of them.  Some stars think it's beneath them to speak to others who play less significant roles.  Needless to say, Dillan appreciated their kindness.  

Daniel Gillies "Elijah"

Danielle Campbell "Davina"


Patty Sumner said...

Wow! How cool.. I know you are a proud Momma.. He is one handsome young man..May he always walk in a way that his integrity and who he is stand out!!! Blessings!

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks so much, Patty. Yes, I am very proud of him and constantly praying for Him to never forget who he is in Christ above all else.