Dillan and the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead on AMC
Well, it's become quite the game to try to spot Dillan on television lately!  Last summer he had the opportunity to be an extra on the set of The Walking Dead.  Any of y'all ever heard of that show?  Ha!  Just kidding.  Who has not heard of it?  Dillan wanted the chance to be a "walker" one time.....just so he could say he had done it :)

I'll be honest with you....I had never watched the show before and really had no desire to.  I heard people talking about it all the time, but it just didn't sound like anything I'd enjoy.  Well, when I knew Dillan was going to be on there, I decided to start watching it so I'd know what was going on.  Then I got hooked just like everybody else.

It really is a very gory show and I honestly don't care for that part, but the story line really has a way of drawing you in.  You can't help but to watch because you wonder who will survive and how.

Although I really don't see how some virus could actually cause people to turn into zombies, it's not as far-fetched as some horror shows.  I get so tickled at Scott and Dillan when I hear them planning out what we should do in case of a zombie apocalypse....lol!  Dillan keeps reminding me not to go to Atlanta looking for him (cause he knows how I am....I will do ANYTHING to protect my baby).  He says he'll find his way home on the back roads because I75 will be jammed.  He's got it all planned out!

Anyway, we've been waiting all season to get a glimpse of Dillan as a zombie.  It's not a close-up shot or anything like that, but those of us who know him, definitely know it's him.  In the scene, he winds up getting his head chopped off!  Of course, I'm not real excited about seeing that, but it's neat to see my little aspiring actor on the television again ;)

Here he is walking through the woods (the one in front)

Sorry for the quality on these two.  I took them with my phone while watching.

walking to his death (boo hoo!)

Because my mom comes over after church every Sunday night to eat supper, she was there to watch as well. She'd never seen the show before, but wanted to see what Dillan would look like.  Needless to say, she's hoping he won't go that route again....ha!  

While we're talking about Dillan, I wanted to let you all know that he did not make the semi-finals in America's Next Top Model :(  I thought he'd be more disappointed than he is, but he's ok with it.  As a matter of fact, he posted this on his Facebook page about it:

Just received an email that I will not be advancing to the semi finals of America's Next Top Model. I won't lie, it's extremely disappointing to almost make it, and I really want to question God at this point. But I know that God is God and he has a plan for my life. So instead of asking him why, I'm going to trust him and press on for the next opportunity he has in store for me. True happiness comes from being okay with not knowing what exactly God is going to do. But I do know that he is still very much in control and HE IS WORKING. Thanks so much to all of my family and friends that have prayed and encouraged me thus far and I hope you will continue to do so! Thanks again! Love ya!

He had called me late that Friday night to tell me.  When I got out of bed Saturday morning, I typed him a pretty long email to try to encourage him (I knew he was asleep at the time).  After that, I logged on to Facebook and saw what he had written.  He didn't even need my extra words of encouragement.  He'd already found it by talking to God and he got so many encouraging comments from his friends.  So now we're trying to be patient and see what other doors of opportunity God will open.  I'll close this post with a picture I saw on FB recently.  It sums things up nicely :)

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