Beginning Again

I wrote this poem many years ago, (and may have shared it before), but for some reason it was on my mind again today, so I thought I'd share it with you.  Maybe you find yourself today having to start over again. You may have recently experienced the death of a spouse.  Perhaps a relationship ended or you found yourself having to accept a divorce you never wanted.  

Whatever it may be, remember that you are not alone.  God is there and has prepared a way for you.  Take His hand.  Trust Him.  He will take you through this storm.

Beginning Again

I sat alone with the Lord
My heart bleeding inside
“How do I begin again?”
To my Father I cried

“Put your hand in mine
I’ll walk with you each step
Put your trust in me
For I know just how to help”

So I put my hand in His
He helped me to my feet
First one step, then two
The hills became so steep

Then through the valleys we went
So far away from the sun
“Don’t let go of my hand
For your journey has just begun”

Though the storms raged
And the nights seemed so long
I knew that my Lord
Would never lead me wrong

At the end of the journey
On the mountaintop we stood
I was thankful for the experience
For at last I understood

I must go through the valleys
And feel the rain on my face
It’s then I grow close to Him
And understand the gift of grace

Lynn Langford

I'm sharing this at Tell His Story 

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