Another year older

44's not so bad.  

I'm sure you're wondering why I have only 3 candles on my birthday cake.  

My mama gave up trying to keep up with our ages.  She just puts three candles on our cakes.  I suppose they represent the past, present, and future?  Yeah, that sounds good ;)

You may or may not remember that Lucy and I share the same birthday.  
She turned 6 years old on January 31st!

She already has way too many toys, so we got her a box of her favorite treats and a new blanket for her bed to keep her warm on these cold winter days....and we've had plenty of those lately!

We had supper at my mom's house Friday night and celebrated with two of my sisters and their families. Dillan's been busy in Atlanta, so we decided we'd make a trip up there to continue the birthday celebration in the big city.  And that means we got to go to church with him at Passion City Church!  

We always enjoy hearing the one and only Chris Tomlin lead worship :)  And I must add that we sat on the fourth row from the front.  How awesome is that?

And sermons just don't get any better than those of Louie Giglio.  He always brings a Word from the Lord that seems directed straight to us and our situations.  I'm so thankful that Dillan is able to attend a church where the Word of God is taught so powerfully.  

After church, we had lunch and then headed home to pick Lucy up from Grammy's house.  As always, she enjoyed her time with Grammy and Pop :)  

Before we know it, I'll be posting something about my 45th birthday.  Man, time sure does fly!

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