Not much of a snow day!

Well, we didn't get the snow that we expected around here.  Mother Nature decided to stall out before she got here and dump larger amounts north of us.  When the snow did arrive, it didn't hang around long, so we just got a little to look at.  Not able to build a snowman around here....unless he's the size of two marshmallows stuck together....ha ha!

Nevertheless, I put on my cold weather gear and went for a walk in the woods around our house.

Just thought I'd post some pics of what it was like in case you were curious.  

I enjoyed my day at home, though.  I got out of bed early....eager to see what it looked like outside.  I guess something's better than nothing.  After I went for a walk, I spent the rest of the day lying around watching television.  My mom rode out to the house for a little while since she was bored and tired of being cooped up at home.  I kidded her when she walked in, asking if she had any trouble making it there through all the snow [grin].  She had fun looking at pictures I showed her of my sister's snow day in Raleigh, NC. They got alot of the fluffy stuff!

Dillan also got to enjoy some snow.  Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about him being stranded on the interstate like so many others were in Atlanta.  That was horrible!  I can't even imagine how the parents felt of the kids stranded on school buses!  

I actually called Dillan on Monday to make sure he went to the store to get anything he might need this week. I told him to stay off the roads this week, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thankfully, he wasn't scheduled to work anyway, so he's been safe and sound.  Here's a few pics of the fun he and his friends had in the snow in the downtown area where they live :)

Hopefully, the roads will be completely cleared of snow, ice, and cars by Saturday.  We're heading up there to spend the night with Dil and celebrate my 44th birthday :)  

Hope everyone is staying warm!

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