Let it snow!

They're calling for snow/ice down here in central Georgia tomorrow and Wednesday!  As you might imagine, we are all very excited and crossing our fingers and toes that it actually happens!  We can't help it.  We just hardly ever see the fluffy stuff, so when it does happen, we don't complain at all.  Not having to go to work or school is just another added plus!  And even though ice causes so many problems with power lines and all, we think it's absolutely beautiful!

The picture above is one I took a few years ago when we went snow skiing in Boone, NC.  I have never seen so much snow in my entire life!  And it was perfect timing for us.  It started when we arrived and snowed the entire time we were there.  We were thrilled!  As you might imagine, I took a ton of pictures too!  

So anyway, I went to Walmart during lunch to get a few things, and it was crazy busy in there with people stocking up on water, canned soup, and such.  Yep....just say the word snow or ice down here and we go crazy!

Maybe I'll have plenty of photos to show you later in the week.  Y'all stay warm :)

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