A Tribute to Nick Marshall (from a home town fan)

photo from Auburn Football Facebook page

I awoke this morning having to face the reality that the Tigers' loss last night was not a bad dream.  If I didn't love football so much, I'd quit watching because these close games are almost more than my nerves can handle!  But then again, isn't that what all football fans live for?  Those big moments when our team does the seemingly impossible and pulls out a win?

Thanks for the memories!  (click on the link for photos of Nick's High School State Championship game)
Not only did I wake up a little sad, my legs were still shaking from being a nervous wreck.  But it only took me a few moments to think about what an incredible, almost magical season this has been for the Auburn Tigers with Nick Marshall leading the way.....and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything! 

It was such a thrill to be able to watch our hometown boy lead the Tigers this season and continue to prove the naysayers wrong.  His sheer talent and determination have proven that he was definitely what the program needed to turn things around.  

I'm excited and already looking forward to the next season!  I feel sure that Nick's senior year will provide his fans with even more memorable moments.  Until then, here's a little poem I wrote to celebrate the accomplishments of our hometown hero:

A small town boy
Who loved to play ball
With God-given talent
It was obvious to all

We will never forget
Those Friday night lights
With you at the helm
And a future so bright

You led your team
To victory in the dome
A football state championship
You brought it all home

Your college years came
Adversity was met
But you overcame it all
And your future is set

You won the hearts
Of the Auburn fans
The trust of the Tigers
And respect from the stands

It was a magical season
Such a thrilling ride
Wilcox County fans
Are beaming with pride!

So hold your head high
And look to next season
The best is yet to come
War Damn Eagle!

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