A little more time in the spotlight

scene from The Originals on CW
I've been sharing with y'all about Dillan's decision to drop out of school and pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  He feels that God is calling him to do this and has been given some great opportunities in the last 6 months to pursue his calling.  Recently, he had the chance for a little more time in the spotlight as an 'extra' on the hit show, The Originals.

He's been on the show before, but this particular scene was something he'll never forget!  At the last minute, the producer (or whoever makes these type decisions) looked around the set and pulled him to play the role of a suitor for Rebekah (actress, Claire Holt).  In this picture, he's sitting across the table from her and she's looking right at him.  Talking about star struck!  He said he almost died!

So be on the lookout for him tonight.  He'll also play the part of a dead vampire in the dungeon scene as well.  Yeah, I know.  A dead vampire?  Well, you gotta start somewhere ;)  It starts at 8:00 pm on CW.


Ashley Elizabeth said...

That is seriously awesome! Definitely an experience he won't ever forget. How cool!

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks, Ashley :)
He's really enjoying playing an extra on set. Should be on several other episodes soon....the The Walking Dead.

Mindy Whipple said...

This is my first time here (visiting from Tell His Story)but what fun for your son. We actually had a missionary family from Hollywood (I know, right?!)visit recently and their son is pursuing acting as well.

Lynn Langford said...

How cool, Mindy! What were there names? I'd love to find out more about their experiences.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll visit again :)