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One of my favorite blogs is Chatting at the Sky by Emily P. Freeman.  Emily is an author of several books, A Million Little Ways, Grace for the Good Girl, and Graceful

Over the past 31 days, she has been discussing the topic of living art.  We live our art by pursuing our passions and using our God-given gifts.  For some of us, it's in the form of writing.  For others, it may be painting, drawing, music, cooking, or caring for our families.  The possibilities are endless because God has created each of us to be unique individuals - each with unique ways to see and share art. 

Today on Emily's blog, we are linking up with pictures to represent the art we are either making or living in our lives today.  My first thought was to use a picture to represent my new book, God's Gals, or a picture representing my love of writing.  Then I thought about using a picture of my home - a haven I have created for my family.  But as I thought about it, I realized that being Dillan's mother is the most important thing in the world to me.  I take more pride in the child I helped create, mold, and shape more than any article I've ever written or room I've decorated.  The fact that he's an artist in his own right just makes the choice even more logical. 

Dillan is a professional photographer, model, and aspiring actor. 

He sees art and expresses it in unique ways.  He continues to inspire me and in turn draw me closer to the God who created each of us and put the passion of making art deep within our souls.

for a book cover

on Vampire Diaries

So, here's to Dillan........and Making Art!


Anonymous said...

It's a true story of life and expressions of heart.so it's beautiful. God is amazing to give each one of us a unique talent. Kudos Mrs. Lynn.

chanda said...

Great piece of art.