losing myself and finding God

I've been doing some soul searching lately.  It's so easy to lose focus of what's really important in life and lose part of myself in the process.  If not careful, I can easily let my dreams and my passions overtake me.  They're too big for me and when I chase them and not God, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and unnecessary.

The truth is, God has a good plan for my life.  I just need to be reminded sometimes that it is only when I am living in His will that I will feel content and at peace.  I can fill my time chasing the things I want and desire....even good things, but if it doesn't line up with His best for me, then I'm left feeling empty and exhausted in my efforts.

So what should I do when I get off course and feel lost in my pursuit of His will for me?  I must make a daily choice to trust and obey.  I must trust His way over mine.  His way may not always make sense to me.  It may not be glamorous or exciting, but the light He sheds along the path as I walk with Him restores my hope for tomorrow. That light of love that I feel and sense on the darkest of days revives me and restores me.     

I know that He has put those dreams and passions deep within me.  I can't always make sense of them and sometimes it feels like a large puzzle that will never be complete.  But I choose this day to trust Him.  I choose this day to obey Him because only He knows what I truly need to be complete.  Only He knows when the last piece of the puzzle is ready to be put in place. 

I'm sharing this at Grace at Home.

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