Keep it positive

Y'all know how much I love football.  Well, what I don't love is poor sportsmanship...from players or fans.  We can all get caught up in the moment and let our emotions take over, but thinking it's ok to voice our thoughts loudly for all to hear is not the thing to do.  It's just a game after all....not a matter of life and death.  It's important that we keep things in perspective.

I really like this article I read in the Focus on the Family bulletin insert last Sunday.  I think it has some helpful information that we all should keep in mind when watching our favorite team (players) take the field.

Positive Fanfare

We all want our kids to succeed when they participate in sports.  But we've also seen (and heard) our share of overbearing parents, standing on the sidelines hollering at the coaches and kids.  {Insert my comment: it's not just parents}.  Needless to say, those sideline antics don't contribute to a positive experience for the players.  By modeling good sportsmanship, however, we can help our kids get the most out of their time on the field.  As you cheer on your budding athlete, keep these suggestions in mind: Respect the coach.  The less experienced the coach, the more that person needs parental support.  Model submission and respect for authority to your kids.  Limit sideline instruction.  Just as you wouldn't help your child with her lines at a play, limit input at games, too - except to cheer.  The goal is to nudge children toward self-reliance and yet still let them know you are rooting for them.  Curb your criticism.  If you vent frustration at games, eventually it may curdle your child's attitude.  Instead, focus on the positive.  "Good try!" is better than "What were you thinking?"  What if you keep quiet and he loses?  Buy him an ice cream and say, "There's always tomorrow".  Your job is to make your child know he's a winner to you. - Marianne Hering


Patty Sumner said...

Great article Lynn. I so agree with this. I always tell my daughters concerning my Grands...let them enjoy and allow the skills to come through enjoyment instead of pressure... Sports seems to be such an important part of culture....as Grandparents and parents it is so important to help our children keep focused....Thanks.. Blessings!

Lynn Langford said...

Well said. I agree!