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Chi Balcony view

One thing I love about the internet is all the new friends you can make.  Being able to have conversations with people from all walks of life from all over the the world is so cool! 

Recently I was contacted by Kendra Thornton from Chicago.  She loves her big city living, but was also interested to hear more about my life in the country.....and she loves my blog name :)  The girl's got good taste, what can I say ? ;)

She thought it would be fun (and so did I) to share some insights about life in her city and then contrast it with mine....so here you go!  Two very different worlds, two very different life styles - one in the north, one in the south; one urban, one rural.  I'll let her go first.


My name is Kendra Thornton, and before life as a stay at home mom in Chicago, I was the Director of Communications for Orbitz. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively in my lifetime, but today I am here with Lynn at Whispers from Wildwood to advocate our hometowns! I contacted Lynn to create this post because I thought she might enjoy highlighting her home in the wildwood, and today we've brought you this article about our necks of the woods!

From Your City to Mine!

Chicago is known as one of the most popular cities to visit in the world, attracting thousands of tourists annually for the arts and entertainment available. Although there are hundreds of restaurants and attractions that can be enjoyed, these are some known of my favorite places I recommend seeing when visiting this beautiful city.

Shopping at Oak Street

While most people know about the “Magnificent Mile,” on Michigan Avenue, there are many other great shopping areas in Chicago! Oak Street is a fantastic place to shop, and you can find the latest trends with both products and clothing that include high-end stores like Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Barney. Oak Street not only offers unique and popular stores, but is also in a stunning location with intricate architecture as numerous boutiques are in old converted townhomes and brownstones.

Grant Park

Grant Park is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the sites with your family! Home to the famous Millennium Park, go get your picture taken next to the Cloud Gate structure, all while enjoying the lush landscapes and views of the city. Grant Park also has within it the Buckingham Fountain, the Museum Campus, and even the Art Institute of Chicago! Known as "Chicago's Front Yard," Grant Park is one of the most impressive public parks in the United States!

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

The world-renowned Museum of Contemporary Art is located right in downtown Chicago for a stunning gallery of different exhibitions that showcase abstract art, performances, and collections that celebrate classic artists like Andy Warhol to Paul Sietsema. The galleries are always changing, making for a popular place for even the residents of Chicago to visit frequently, with free admission on Tuesdays!

There are few things quite as delicious as an authentic piece of deep-dish pizza in Chicago. This city is known for its expertise in making the most delicious and cheesy thick-crusted pizza for fine cuisine that is one of the most mouth-watering in the country. Visit Gino's East for a fresh pizza pie, as they also make pizza with traditional crust.

Where to Stay

When coming to Chicago, there are so many great options for where your can stay. Chicago offers exceptional hotels, between old historic places like The Drake to the beautiful and eclectic Hotel Monaco-Chicago. Several websites are available for finding the perfect fit for the trip, but one of the most popular that I've discovered is Gogobot. It is convenient for booking hotels and obtaining trusted reviews when looking for Chicago hotels.

Kendra's beautiful family at a Cubs game

Between the stunning views of Chicago to the peaceful environment of Grant Park, there is much to be enjoyed and explored in the wondrous city for an incredible experience. The theater, arts, and delicious eateries in the Windy City are truly a marvel!
You can follow Kendra on Twitter @KendraThornton

Now it's my turn............

I live in the small, rural town of Rochelle, Georgia - population 1,145 according to the 2012 census.  If you're looking for alot of shopping, fine dining, and visits to museums and other tourists attractions, you won't find that here.  But what you will find is a little community where you know most everyone, and life is lived at a much slower pace.

We do have the necessities here.  There are several places to eat (Subway, Sambo's BBQ, The Grill (Mallard Point golf course restaurant), and a couple of other private businesses.  We also have a small grocery store, hardware store, and some local shopping.  There's not alot of choices, but that's just it -  most people that live here choose this lifestyle.  We enjoy our small town parades, church socials, hunting, fishing, and leisurely walks or golf cart rides around town.  We also do our share of horseback riding, four wheeler riding, and camping.   

This time of year, you'll find most of the town at our high school football games on Friday nights.  Although we're having a bit of a down year this year, our community is known for our football playing.  If you've heard the country song, The Boys of Fall, that describes our town exactly!

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I live right in the middle of the woods in a rural subdivision called, Wildwood Estates.  I'm 5-6 miles from town, have a gravel drive, surrounded by trees, and have just one neighbor - and I'm related to her :)  Like many others here, I don't hear even the small amount of traffic in town....not even a train.  All I hear are the sounds of nature.  This time of year it's squirrels scurrying around looking for their winter supply of food, deer walking through the woods, a woodpecker, and the occasional night owl.
We don't have any hotels here either.  If you're coming to town, you better know someone you can stay with!  I guess that's just it.  Most people don't travel to Rochelle unless they are originally from here or have family living here. 
In our farming community, our school system is our biggest employer, probably followed by Doster Peanuts/ McClesky Mills. 
Here are a few pics to capture life in my hometown.  Hope you enjoy....and I hope you'll come for a visit!  We can help you book reservations in a nearby town ;)

at Wildwood Estates

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