Catching Up

I don't know about y'all, but the last few weeks have been a blur to me!  Since my book released in mid-August, I've just been so busy.  Not necessarily with "book stuff" like marketing and promoting.  While that does take alot of time and attention early on, I've had other irons in the fire as well.

I've talked about it on here before and so I probably sound like a "broke record" now.  But my mind has been so consumed with so many things (good things) that it's hard for me to relax or catch my breath. 

I had some how been making time to blog like crazy, but it's been hard lately to make myself sit still long enough to keep you up to date on everything.  When I am still long enough, I usually fall out.....as in dead asleep! 

This week is the last week of one of my fall classes with Liberty University.  We're off next week for fall break and then I start my last class for the fall term.  One more semester, y'all, and I'm DONE!!!

You know what's sad though?  After three years of school and two degrees later, it doesn't look like I'll have the benefit of changing my occupation.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm very thankful for my current job, but I want to use my degree/s.  I want to work in an area (and that could be multiple ones) that I feel I'm truly making a difference.  I want to serve Christ using my gifts and talents...and of course, my education.  I didn't go through all of this for nothing.  So, will y'all please be praying with me that God would open a door of opportunity for me?  I'd so much appreciate it!

Part of the busyness right now is that it's football season.  A girl's got to have her priorities in order, right?  I love me some football!  Especially high school and college.  Mine and Scott's date nights and grocery store trips out of town are put on hold this time of year.  I have to settle for what I can buy locally except for a few trips here and there out of town.  Every Friday, we're following our high school team somewhere.  I spend Saturdays completing school work, cleaning, and doing various other things that can only be accomplished on my days off.

Our high school team is really struggling this year.  For the first time in 7-8 years, we're on a losing streak :(  I'm hoping they can turn things around this week and secure a spot in the playoffs - even if its fourth seed.  I'm certainly not a fair- weather fan, but it's so hard watching their disappointment week after week :( 

On a positive note, we are having a "ball" watching college football this year!  We have so many former high school players who are playing at the next level that I would never be able to remember them all.  But there's one in particular that we are especially excited about.  Wilcox County's very own, Nick Marshall.....QB for Auburn Tigers!  Nick's having a great season and we are so excited for him!  Scott got to attend a game last weekend and we're both going on the 26th.  I even have my pompom ready!

Nick Marshall, former Wilcox County Patriot

I've also been busy decorating for the fall.  I love this time of the year!  And I'm still loving my newly painted aqua- blue front door......especially with the orange! 

I've added a few more fall touches around the house as well and will be taking pics this weekend.  I'll share all of those with you soon.

Our 6:03 Worship service is still going good.  One of my favorite things about helping with this service is the friends I've made with those who are on the planning committee.  I love getting together with them and talking about how God is using this service to touch the lives of others.  There is alot of excitement in the air when we're together.  Everyone is so encouraging and supportive and eager to do God's Will.


Fall season means we get to see new episodes of our favorite tv shows as well!  Even though I don't have a whole lot of free time to watch tv, I'm able to record all of my favorite shows and catch up on them over the weekends.  With Dillan playing extra parts in several, that means the number of shows I watch has increased!  I love NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, and CSI!  If I were smarter, I might have gotten into forensic science.  Wouldn't that be a fascinating career?!  Oh, and The Biggest Loser is starting up again next week!  I'm so excited! I love to watch it because it encourages me to continue to exercise as much as I can and eat as healthy as I can.  You know what?  I haven't done an updated post on that topic lately.  I need to let you know the latest.  I'll put that on my to-do list ;)

Dillan on Vampire Diaries

The fair is in town this week also.  Scott and I plan to go this Saturday.  We usually get there after lunch and spend the rest of the day.  We don't do the ride thing....back surgery and getting nauseous put a stop to all that!  Dillan will also be home this weekend, so it'll be nice to have him around for a few days :)

Well, I think I've got you updated on the latest.  Sorry it's sorta random.  Stay tuned for a Fall Decorating post this weekend. 

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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