Show some COMPASSION.....sponsor a child today!

We received a letter in the mail from Simson this week!  Simson is the 6 year old child from Indonesia that we sponsor through Compassion International. 

I think about him often and wonder how he is doing.  Thankfully, his parents are still alive and he has the blessing of a family.  Through our sponsorship, he is given the extra care that he needs plus an education.  He is also taught about God's Word and it is my prayer that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior as a result of this program. 

We recently received pictures of our little guy!  Included were book marks and other printed material with his picture and personal information on them.  These items are a great way to remind not only us, but our friends and family to pray for Simson on a regular basis.

I'd like to ask you to pray for him as well.  According to his letter, they are having a very hot and dry season right now and have to walk very long distances to get water.  While we have had an abundance here where we live this summer, they have not.

Also, please pray for Compassion International in their efforts to bring hope and healing to so many other children through sponsorships.  If you've thought about sponsoring a child before, but haven't take the steps to do so, here is a link that will show you some of the children waiting for a sponsor.

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