Cherokee, NC - our "Samaria"

Scott and I have made several trips to Cherokee, NC  the last few years to do mission work.  If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that we feel God calling us to make that area our "Samaria" in the Great Commission.  At least for now.  We're open to go where God calls us. 

If you're new to my blog, you can go here to read more about how we heard from God and began ministering in that area. 

There's always been something special about the mountains to me....especially around the area of Cherokee.  I always feel like I leave a piece of me behind when we come home :( 

On this visit, we were planning on visiting the Western Carolina Pregnancy Care Center to see what their needs were.  (It's actually located in Bryson City).  Not long before our visit, they relocated.  But as God would have it, they moved into the building housed by the Tennessee River Baptist Association.  Cherokee Baptist Church, where we visit each trip, is a part of this association.  Because we now know the area missionary for this association, we now have a contact to help us know more specifically the needs for this area.  That's exciting stuff when you only know a few people in the area!

This building houses the office for the association, the Pregnancy Care Center, as well as a bunk house for visiting mission teams.  They are needing improvements done to the building as well as cosmetic changes like painting.  That's what we decided to take on first.  We don't have alot of tools for construction type projects, but we can paint with the best of 'em ;)

Across the road, you can see some of those beautiful mountains!

This is Mr. Mike Dillinger, area missionary for Tennessee River Baptist Association.  He and his wife, Mildred are so very sweet!  I'm so thankful to have met them and we look forward to working with them in a greater capacity in the future. 

The part of the building that they wanted painted first was the long hallway upstairs where the bunkhouse is.  Here's a look at the hall in three segments...........

You can't really tell from the pictures how badly it needed painting, but here's one of the corners. 
Pretty banged up over time from so much use.  I think they told me that the place used to be a funeral home?  Not sure.  Maybe I dreamed that....lol!

Scott and I collected baby diapers and wipes for a couple of weeks before we left.  Here's a picture of the supplies we collected and left for them.  This is one of the bunk beds that's in the dining hall area.  I'm not sure who made all of the bunk beds, but they are perfect for this facility.   

So painting was our main project for this visit - that and visiting with friends we have made from Cherokee Baptist Church.  (More on our friends later).  Scott always does the "cut-in" work.  That artist hand of his makes it look so easy!

And I'm the roller....lol!  Much easier job, I have to say!

Here's a picture of the main hallway after we finished painting.  I hope you can tell how much better it looks!  Nice and clean!

Scott's looking a little tired in this picture.  He should be!  We worked right through our lunch and got a day and a half project done in one day!

I decided to take a few more pictures of the upstairs to give you an idea of what it looked like.  I forget the total number of bunk beds in the place, but it holds a large group!  There's two large baths upstairs - one for girls and one for boys - plus a dining hall. 

I loved the look of this light blue bed and the soft light coming into the room :)  They will soon be having a mattress drive to raise money for new mattresses for all of the beds. 

Next to the Pregnancy Care Center (which was closed that day, so I didn't get to go in there) is an office space for S.W.A.R.M.  This is a Southern Baptist ministry for the Appalachian Regional area.  Next to it was this cute little sitting area. 

I loved the beautiful painting of Jesus on the wall and all of the old Baptist hymnals and bibles stacked on top of the piano. 

When we left for the day, we stopped at a nearby area to take a few pictures and enjoy the view.

When we got back into Cherokee, we visited Oconaluftee Islands Park.  We have to stop by there every time we go to Cherokee!  It's a beautiful area and there are usually some natives on hand selling their crafts.  Here are two women making pottery and jewelry.

Of course, we always have to get our feet in the icy cold water :) 

I really love this place! 

This is where the bon fires are held and you get to hear old Cherokee legends and dance with them around the camp fire at night.  It rained while we were there, so we didn't go this time.

I don't think they are going to run out of firewood any time soon!

It looks like some children worked real hard stacking rocks! 

I have lots more pictures of our trip, but I'll be sharing more of them with you in another post. 

Do you believe in the Great Commission? 

As believers, we are commanded to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Your Jerusalem is the community where you live.  Judea is the state you live in, and Samaria is the nation.  The uttermost parts of the earth include overseas missions.  I want to do my part and be obedient to the words of Christ.

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