What I learned in July

Emily at Chatting at the Sky, is sharing what she learned in the month of July.  I didn't get my post linked up to hers before the link party closed, but I thought I'd share my list with you anyway.  Take a peek!

1. I learned that sometimes the senior citizens in a church have more enthusiasm and zeal for the Lord than teens or the middle-aged crowd.  Perhaps one reason is that they have more time to devote to ministry due to retirement.  But I have a sneaky suspicion it's really because they've seen a major shift in the morals and values of this country.  They know it can and has been better, and they're doing their part to make an impact for Christ. 

I'm so excited to work alongside the elders in my community to plan a bi-weekly community-wide worship service geared toward the younger generation!  It's called 6:03 Worship and it begins August 29th!

2. You can pack a complete sound system into a KIA Sportage!  We made a 2 1/2 hour one-way trip to Iron City, Georgia to pick up a system we bought for 6:03 Worship.  We packed all 13 plus pieces in there and still had room for Austin to ride back with us...lol!

3. Dreams can become reality.  My dream of publishing a book has come true!  I decided to self-publish through WestBow Press (division of Thomas Nelson).  The book will be available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble stores as well as locally.  It will also be available at WestBow Press where the softcover price is set at $16.95 and the eBook is $3.99. 

This whole endeavor has been like "jumping out of the boat" for me.  I've not even submitted a book proposal or manuscript before for fear of rejection.....which is a given for most authors.  But this process has taught me alot about the industry and I think I'm now brave enough to chase my dreams of writing as a career. 

4. My 19 year old son is basically grown.  He doesn't need his mama like he used to.  I was a very hands-on mama.  I have always been very involved in his life and tried to keep the closeness in our relationship that we've always had.  When the teen years hit, I wanted to make sure that Dillan was well prepared for his young adult years and college life - unlike me.  I made alot of stupid and unnecessary mistakes along the way. 

While I did cut those apron strings a long time ago, I have not been as willing to let him fail.  I don't want him to make mistakes along the way...even silly ones like overdrawing at the bank or locking himself out of his car/apartment.  I can't prevent everything and I certainly can't fix everything. 

I recently learned that he doesn't like to be  referred to as my man-child and I don't have to repeat the instructions I give him multiple times.  He's a big boy [sniff, sniff].

5. It doesn't have to be fall to have a hay ride.  Well, we actually had a hay ride without the hay, so I guess you'd call it a wagon ride?  Mine and Scott's niece, Tori is the baby of the Langford family.  And being the baby of the family means you get redneck, family wagon rides down old country roads......even in the middle of the summer :) 

What about you?  Learned anything new lately?  We're never too old to learn!

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