weekend fun :)

Well, after Dillan finally made it home, the rest of the week/weekend was pretty great!  I was off work Friday and went with Dillan to a doctor's appointment in Macon.  Since we were already going to be coming through Warner Robins on the way home, we paid a visit to Hobby Lobby (I could stay in there all day...but I would also spend every penny I own if not careful!  I love that store!) and we got the grocery shopping out of the way. 

For those of you who have followed this blog for a while, you know that I have to drive at least 35 miles to get to a grocery store that sells organic/gluten-free products.  Oh why, oh why won't they put a Kroger or Publix in Cordele?  Anyway, that saved me and Scott another trip up there over the weekend. 

We grilled out Friday night with the boys (Austin was here for the weekend also).  Saturday was a lazy day at home and I enjoyed it so much!  I love that about Saturdays!  I can sleep in a little and drink my coffee in peace and quiet without having to shower and dress first thing after getting up.

We went to see Scott's mom and dad for supper Saturday night since both boys were with us.  Scott's brother Chance and his family were also there.  Our niece, Tori loves for Pop to ride her around on his lawn mower or tractor, but this time, we added a little more fun to the mix. Pop hooked up a wagon and we had a wagon ride down the road.  Tori has alot of allergies, so hay would be out of the question.  And of course, how many hay rides would you see in the  middle of the summer anyway?  We just grabbed some chairs and blankets and looked like a redneck parade coming down the road....lol!  Tori loved EVERY minute of it!

Sunday, we slipped out of church early and headed to Iron City, Georgia.  Never heard of it?  Me either...but we were on a very important mission. 

We've been in need of some sound equipment for a new worship service we are helping with in our community that will begin on August 29th.  Scott happened to run across a great deal on Craigslist that was pretty much everything we needed.  The ride was a little over 2 hours one way, but so worth it! 

The man and woman whose home we went to were so sweet!  They made Scott sing and play the guitar while he was checking out the sound equipment.  They were the kind of people you just feel like you've known for a long time.  Who knows, maybe we will see them again one day :)

We weren't sure we'd get it all packed in my KIA, but Scott somehow managed to squeeze it all in.  Austin just did have room in the back seat to ride.  All we could see was his red hair back there....lol!

Well, that about sums up the weekend.  Looking forward to the next one already!

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