That feeling after you close the trunk and realize you saw your keys in there!

Wednesday was quite a day!  Dillan had made plans to come home for the weekend, but when he didn't have to work all week, he decided he'd head south a few days early.

It was around 2:00 Wednesday when I decided to call him and see if he'd already left Atlanta.  It was storming where I was and I was concerned about him driving in the pouring rain.  About the time I dialed his number, he was accidentally locking his keys in the trunk of his car!

I didn't instantly panic.  We've all done it and I knew he had another key at his apartment.  What I didn't think about was the fact that his apartment key was on the same key ring as his car key.  Here around other family members, that's usually not a problem.  Another family member will usually have a spare key and most of us have a secret place to hide one.  But when you live on the 9th floor of an apartment building in downtown Atlanta and park in a garage several blocks away.....that is not an option.  We also don't keep an extra key under the car in one of those magnetic things.  That's not a good idea when you park in a parking garage unless you want to risk it being stolen.

So my first thought was for him to check with the concierge in their apartment building to see if they happened to have a key for emergencies.  Just getting back into the lobby of the building could have also been a problem because his key fob for the building was also on the key chain.  Even though he didn't know the concierge on duty, she let him in.  Apparently some of the units in the apartment building do have an extra key in the office, but we weren't that lucky.  To make matters worse, he had to prove that he lived there because the paper work on file there only showed Scott's name (got to take care of that next time I'm up there visiting).  She called the realty company and they verified it for her, but like I said, there was no key :(

With me being 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta, we figured the best thing to do was call a locksmith.  I googled one up and called them while Dillan headed back to the garage.  When the guy could hardly understand English, it should have been a sign to me to just hang up.  I finally got him to understand me and hung up to call Dill and let him know help was on the way.  They had asked for Dillan's number, so I told him to expect a call.

While we both waited, I decided to read the reviews on this particular locksmith company (note to self: do that first next time).  I didn't read very far on the first one before I realized I'd most likely made a horrible mistake!  One person online said he was an illegal alien from Israel and it was a scam.  All of the reviews were horrible and told about how they tell you one price up front and then change it to get more money out of you!  Y'all I almost panicked big time!  Imagine that.

I quickly called Dillan to see if they had arrived.  They hadn't but had called and were on the way.  I filled him in and warned him not to let them touch his car.  He called them and told them he no longer needed their services.  He had to tell a little white lie to keep from being obvious and just told them he had found another key.  Whew!!!  That was a close one.  I don't even want to imagine him having to deal with someone like that.  I know he's a young man and can handle alot of stuff, but he's also very polite and would not have wanted to disagree with them or refuse their services right there on the spot.  He doesn't take after me in that area.

Our next idea was to call the police.  I knew there was a station on the same block as his apartment, so we found the direct number (thank goodness for iphones!).  But you know what?  They don't offer that service in big cities - unless you have a child locked in there, they aren't going to help you.  And of course, Dillan didn't have a child locked in there.  Dillan doesn't even have a child (PTL!).

That meant we had to find a reputable locksmith or I had to drive to Atlanta because we do have a car key here too.  That was going to be the last option though because that would have left Dillan alone on the street (actually in the garage but it could still be dangerous) for another 2 1/2 hours! Can y'all imagine how miserable that was for him and how helpless I felt?  He couldn't get in his apartment, he couldn't get in his car, and none of his friends were in Atlanta.  Yes.  This mama's heart was hurting.  He assured me he was fine, but that's a horrible position to be in.  As mamas, we just want to fix everything.  But there are some things we can't just fix.

Anyway, he found another locksmith with Siri's help.  He actually called one that was taking forever to even call back, so he called another one.  The guy that came was legit, but he was also rude.  He didn't believe that Dillan could access his trunk from his back seat and thought he was unlocking the car for nothing, I guess.  When Dillan did produce the keys, the guy didn't even change his attitude.  What's up with that?  Dillan drives an Audi and they have a safe lock system, so we were aware that it might cost a little more to get keys out of it. But I was not prepared to hear $200.00!!!  Yes, you heard me right.  Isn't that insane?  And for that much money, you'd think the guy would be a little nice!

At the moment, I'd probably have paid more than that just to get him home and off the streets before dark. Altogether, he was in the garage for about 3 hours waiting on help.  I was so glad to see him walk in the door!

Needless to say, we're going to take some precautions to try to prevent this from happening again.  It was actually kind of crazy how his keys wound up in the trunk.  He had put them in his pocket and apparently they fell in the trunk when he was putting some of his things there.  When he was shutting the trunk, he saw them, but it was too late.

Oh well!  More lessons learned.  I'm sure he'll be extra mindful of where his keys are from now on.  We had not gotten around to even making an extra apartment key, so we'll be visiting the local hardware store this weekend to take care of that.  And since Dillan has some super sweet neighbors (hey, Sterling and Courtney!) that we trust like folks here at home, I think we could leave an apartment key with them too!  As long as they are around, that would give him one more option to get back in his place.

If y'all have any other ideas of how we could head off another disaster like this, please let me know.  I'm all ears!


Kathy Moreland said...

If he carries a wallet, he could carry a spare in there. I know both of you were ready to panic! I would have been beside myself. Glad he got home safely.

Patty Sumner said...

I guess those days were just bound to happen...I am so sorry! I hope you figure out a way to not let this happen again. Blessings!

Lynn Langford said...

Kathy, that's a good idea! I didn't even think about that. His car key is big and bulky and stays in the apartment, but if he put a apt key in his wallet, he could always have access to the apt. Brilliant! Thank you :)

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks, Patty! Another lesson learned :)