Keep Calm and Don't Get Embarrassed

During the announcements at church yesterday morning, our pastor walked up to the pulpit and started talking about someone in our congregation who had accomplished a great task.  He mentioned that the person had made it "big time"! 

I was sitting there listening, impressed by what he was leading up to and thinking, "Wow!  Who did something so great?".  Then I realized people around me were looking at me smiling. 

That's when I could've crawled under the pew!  I was totally caught off guard by this recognition.  Of course, I certainly don't feel like I've made it "big time".....not even close!  But it was sweet of them all to make such a big deal over my children's book being published.

I was put on the spot (which is good for us every now and then....lol) and had to go to the podium and tell everyone what God's Gals is about.  To be honest, I'm not really sure what I said!  And then Scott made me feel paranoid later about wanting to say something else after I'd already given the microphone back to the pastor.

I remember reaching back toward the microphone so Bro. Jim would know I wanted to say something else, but Scott said I took the microphone away from him.  Scott is known to exaggerate!  I know that, so I shouldn't have let it worry me the slightest, but I did for a little while.  But I think I would've known if I had snatched it back from him (if there are other witnesses, please verify this for me...ha ha!). 


Anyway, it was a busy weekend!  I had homework to complete and I needed it done asap since we had several places to be over the weekend.   

Saturday morning we went to my aunt's house for a big family breakfast.  Last year, she decided to start a tradition where the whole family would gather for breakfast to officially ring in the football season!  Yes.....we're HUGE football fans!  Woo Hoo!!!!!


Our 6:03 Worship is quickly approaching!  The first service is Thursday, August 29th, so we're trying to get in some extra practices when we can.  We reserved the Ag Center in our county for Saturday night and Sunday night so we could see how the sound would be and to come up with plans for stage lighting, etc.
We were delighted when we had a few spectators show up to check things out!  Word seems to be spreading and we are so excited to have people from all ages and races come together with us to plan a worship service where we can all be together - regardless of church affiliation or denomination.

I'll be sure and post some pics and more information as things develop.


This week will be busy also.  It'll be a short work week for me (3 days) which means less time to get things done that have to be done before we leave Thursday for Cherokee, NC.  And it's finals week, so please say a prayer for me!

I've blogged several times about our trips to do mission work on the reservation in Cherokee.  We're excited to get to go back and see the friends we've made there!  And I just know it's going to be much cooler up there than it is here in Central Georgia right now!  I feel like I'm going to wilt every time I walk outside!

Well, that's about it for now.  I'm sure I'm forgetting to tell you about something, but I'm sure it's not anything life-shattering.  Y'all stay cool!

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