A life changing story & a new book

First Round Sketches

I love the above picture!  It's a snapshot of the first round sketches for my soon to be published children's book.  Dillan did a great job on them!

Right now we're in the editing phase.  A representative from the publisher's marketing team called me last night to discuss my thoughts and feelings on the marketing plan for the book.

Y'all, there is so much that I don't know and understand about the publishing process!  What's even more nerve racking is the fact that I know my answers to some of their questions can have an impact on whether or not they decide to pick me up as an author for future projects. 

I certainly don't expect this one book to get me a book deal, but at the same time, my conversations with them allow them to see inside my heart.....and there's alot to see! 

I believe in this little book.  I believe in the power of God's Word to change the lives of girls and women of all ages.  If it weren't for those stories, I would've given up long ago. 

I haven't talked about it alot on here, but one particular story in the Bible changed my life forever....the story of the Samaritan woman.  You see, in so many ways, I was that woman.  I believe with all my heart and soul that as Jesus sat at the well that day talking with this outcast in society, that He was thinking of me!  He knew that a little girl growing up in a small town in Georgia would one day need this same kind of forgiveness and restoration.

Yes.  The Samaritan woman and I have so much in common!  I, too, have made poor choices in my life.  Choices that led to abuse, depression, and three divorces.  Even after I stopped running from God, I can remember thinking that He could never use me....I was too broken to help mend anyone else's heart and soul. 

But then I read this familiar story of the woman at the well.  That particular day, I saw something different in the story.  I saw a woman that was not ashamed of her past as she ran to tell others that their Messiah had come.  These were the same people who had shunned her and treated her as if she had no value. 

Not only did Jesus restore her sense of value, He forgave her of her sins and removed her shame.  If He could do that for her, surely he would do that for me!  And He did. 

My life has not been the same since that day.  I pray that through His love and mercy, it will never be the same again!


simplyfarmhouse said...

wow ~ a dream of mine to write children books and be an illustrator .

Love your blog. Congrats on your book

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful testimony Lynn... What a mighty God we serve. Only in Him can we find peace and joy and reason to rejoice! He can rescue and restore any willing soul. What a blessing to share this. He can take the bad and make it good. A children's book... he had plans for you from the beginning! Blessings to you!