sticks and serpents

I took Lucy out to potty the other day and had a little scare.  Most of the time, I walk around in the yard with her and wait on her to pick just the right spot to take care of her business.  Why is it that it takes a dog so long?  Why is she so picky about where she goes? 

Anyway, this particular day, I stood on the porch and watched her.  We live in a large wooded area, and our front yard is not that big, so it doesn't take long for her to wander to dangerous territory. 

That's when I noticed her stop dead in her tracks.  She even pointed like a bird dog would do (she's a Shih tzu).  I looked to see what had scared her and saw what I thought was a large snake with its head raised, getting ready to strike.

My heart stopped and I took off running toward her, hollering for her to get away.  When I got closer to her I realized it was just an old stick.  I felt pretty stupid!  But then I felt better when I reminded myself that she also thought it was a snake....or something she didn't recognize.

I thought about the incident again later that day, and about how terrified I am of snakes.  But as a mother, isn't it just like us to overcome our fears when we need to protect our babies?  I know Lucy is a dog, but she's still my little girl :)

As I thought more about snakes and how I didn't see many as a little girl, it dawned on me that I've seen more in the last 5 years than all the other years combined.  I'm not sure why that is, but these same thoughts took on a deeper meaning for me. 

I thought about Eve in the Garden of Eden and how the snake talked her into disobeying God.  Why wasn't she afraid of a snake?  Well, at that point, sin had not entered the world.  And while we can't blame everything in the world that's bad on a snake (aka, the devil), in my own eyes, they are symbolic of evil. 

Just as I ran to protect Lucy from being bitten by one, I'm sure our Heavenly Father summons His angels to provide the protection we need so often from Satan and his slithering demons.  From His throne, He sees everything going on around us.  He knows where the evil resides and how far we are from it. 

Although we often escape this evil through God's protection, I am sure that there are other times that He allows us to get bit.  I'm also certain that we sometimes run toward the evil, not really thinking it can do us much harm. 

But we have a promise from God: "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you" Romans 16:20.  I don't know about you, but I look forward to that day!

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