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This is my Pepapa.  

A week ago today, my family gathered to witness his baptism.  At 86 years of age, he decided to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior and follow in baptism as Christ commanded us.  He is in poor health and it would have been very difficult for him to get into the baptismal pool at our church, so his baptism was done in my uncle's swimming pool.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful sight to see!

This is my Memama.  
She is a fine woman and one of my role models.  She's always been tough as nails!  Back in the day, she deer hunted, helped around the farm, and cooked better than Martha Stewart - all while working full time and raising a family of 5 children.  She could do it all!

It's so hard to see how quickly my grandparents' health has declined in recent years.  I feel certain that one reason is because of the death of my father.  As a parent, I believe the worst nightmare for any of us is having to bury our own child - regardless of their age.

So we gathered together as family to celebrate this special day.  Brother Jim spoke a few words about his conversation with my Pepapa earlier that week and his desire to follow Christ and be baptised.  

Then he said a prayer and they helped Pepapa into the pool.

I love this next picture!  It brought tears to my eyes, as you might imagine....

There are no words to describe the peace of mind I have now.

My Pepapa came out of that water a new creature in Christ.  

His sins have been forgiven and covered by the shed blood of Christ on Calvary.  I'm so happy that I can know that he knows Jesus!

I really like this next picture of three of my nieces.  I've thought alot about how they must have felt seeing their great- grandfather be baptised.  It's my hope that they see God's faithfulness and God's persistence to chase after us.  He longs to call us his children.  It doesn't matter what age we are - 5, 25, or 86.

This day was a reminder to me that we should never give up hope that our loved ones will come to know the Lord.  We should never stop praying!  I love seeing a prayer by many of us answered and I love knowing that my daddy and my granddaddy will be together again one day in heaven.

I'm sharing this at Women Living Well Ministries


Megan Davis said...

I love this, Lynn! Makes my eyes tear up and my heart swell.

Lynn Langford said...

Thanks, Meg! Mine too!

simplyfarmhouse said...

How wonderful...PTL