Metropolitan Living: Dillan's first home

A couple of months ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to go ahead and secure an apartment for Dillan in Atlanta.  He's out of school for the summer, but has been blessed with work there in the city and needed to go ahead and move back before fall semester starts.  Do you know how hard it is to find something to rent in downtown ATL?  This loft was a God-send!  We signed the lease mid May and he and I have been brainstorming ever since on how to decorate it to suit his style....and on a budget!

It's a 670 sq foot loft in The Metropolitan, an old bank building over 100 years old.  It's located in Five Points...right smack down town where Georgia State's campus is.  So come on in and take a look inside!

The main part of the apartment is the living room/dining area.  It has 10' celings and two large windows.

Dillan bought the faux leather futon at Walmart.com so that he'd have an extra place for guests to sleep.  The small coffee table is from Ikea.  The book shelf, ottoman, and magazine rack are all thrift store finds. 

Dillan is really into eclectic styles right now, so I was excited about the chance to decorate again in a totally different style than in my home.  With a modern couch, we decided on vintage art work.  We found three of the pictures above the couch at thrift stores.  The 8 1/2 x 11 print you see in the middle is a saying he found: "Personality Begins Where Comparison Ends" Karl Lagerfeld.  That's so Dillan, isn't it?!

We found the Lounge pillow at Hobby Lobby and the fabric for the other two pillows at a fabric store. The floor lamp is also from Ikea.  I just love that store!

We played around with things on the shelf for a little while and finally decided on this....until the small flat screen tv is put in.  We couldn't get all of Dillan's things up there the first trip, so we'l be going back soon to help him with this.  There are some modern pieces on the shelf as well as a few vintage items.

There are beautiful hard wood floors in the main room, but we found this cool rug at Ikea to help define the living room area and give folks a place to relax. 

When you walk into the apartment, if you look to the right, you'll see the closet that holds the air unit.  You'll also see Dillan's final painting from his last art class, which I nicknamed, Smokin' Dillan.  Don't worry.  Dillan doesn't smoke.  He just likes to do the unexpected in his art sometimes...lol!

Here's another look at that side of the room.  The door next to the couch goes into his small bedroom.  The door next to it is a walk-in closet.  I was so excited that he has so much storage in such a small space!

He decided to wait on buying a chair for the living room space for now.  This one is part of his kitchen table/chair set.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of it, so I'll have to show you that later.  Since the table is up against a wall next to the kitchen, we put this one here for extra seating.  The stump end table is mine.  He begged me for it.  What can I say?  He gets his way often :)

The skull drawing is also one of Dillan's from an art class spring semester.  We framed it for this small wall space.  Under it is a small shelf he painted red.  It holds some of the books he's currently reading.  He loves books!

The cat was also a thrift find. 

On the opposite side of the room when you walk in is the dining area.  You can't see the table and chairs in this picture, but they are to the right where you walk into the kitchen.  The door you see here goes to the bathroom.

We love this chest!  It's a thrifty find as well and just so cool!  The drawer panels can be changed out to be red, green, or black.  The green lamp is from Ikea.  We painted some deer horns we already had in a crisp white. 

Just to give you some perspective on the size of the main room, here's another look back at the other side of the room from where the chest is.  His bedroom is behind the short wall.  Not very big, but just right for one person.

Now for a look inside the kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised with its storage!  You can see the ceiling in this picture.  It's exposed duct work which is very common in lofts.  They sprayed it all white.

In keeping with the look of the main part of the building, the floor in the kitchen is marble and in great shape.

I love this art work Dillan spotted at Ikea!  Again, something unexpected, but the bright colors look great in the space.  The "Eat" sign we found at Hobby Lobby probably needs to be raised up a bit  My mom saw this and thought it said "Fat"! LOL!!! 

Notice the little coffee maker.  Just the right size for a few cups of coffee. 

The wood Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil figures were also found at a thrift store. 

The kitchen is all electric with a dish washer, ice maker, and garbage disposal. 

He found some colored glass bottles he liked, so we put them on top of the cabinets.

Now for the bathroom.  There's a built-in vanity that gives him lots of storage.  The small shelf and medicine cabinet are a plus.

More pretty marble flooring....

It's a decent size bathroom for such a tiny apartment.

We found this small painting at a nearby Target.  We'll go back soon to hang a mirror and towel bar on the opposite wall and that room will be complete.

He has another large window in the bathroom.  You better know I told him 100 times to close those blinds at night!

The only room we didn't do much in was his bedroom.  It's a very small space, but he is so grateful to have an actual bedroom.  Many of these apartments are true studios which means everything is in one room except for a bathroom.

We decided to go with a queen size bed here since Dillan is so tall and really needs the extra sleeping room.  For now, he's just using an old bedspread of mine.  He wants to keep the vintage feel in here too, so we just threw a few decorative pillows on the bed that we found at a Goodwill store nearby.  The plan is to do an original headboard of old wood.  Picture something like barn wood.  Hopefully we can do that on our next visit.  He's got just enough room for a small wood table to serve as a night stand.  It's holding a vintage lamp we found at the same place we bought the chest and book shelf.

Here's what the other side of the room looks like.  A nice size closet is behind the mirrored doors. 

The wire shelf in the closet will come in handy for folding clothes.  Dillan already had these two small book shelves at home in his closet.  He sprayed them white to use here to hold his shoes.  There are lots of shoes and clothes to be added to this closet!!!

The bedroom is carpeted, but we bought a small rug for the foot of the bed.  We spotted this New York print at Target and hung in on one walll.

I'm looking forward to going back and helping him get this space finished as well. 

As you head out the door, there's a mirror we brought from home and a rhino head we found at Hobby Lobby.  After this picture was taken, we found a small foyer table for a convenient place to toss things when he comes in the door.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Dillan's first place.  We had so much fun moving him in and helping him make his first place feel like home!

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Here are a few updates to his apartment......

I didn't have a picture of his little eating area before, but we went up there the last two weekends to help him with a few things and I snapped a few more pictures.  This small wall is to the right when you come in the front door.  It's just big enough to put a small table and chairs.  The fourth chair is in the LR area when not in use.  He doesn't have many electrical outlets in the room, so this is the best spot for him to do computer work while the laptop is plugged in. 

He hung an American flag on this wall to cover the electric panel box.

I saw this cute idea on a blog recently and just had to make one for Dillan.  He loves books!

We found a place for it right under Dillan's framed skull drawing from art class.

We hung another mirror in the bathroom.  Dillan is 6'4" and cannot see all of his face in the medicine cabinet mirror......who would've thought?  LOL!  This mirror does the trick!

We moved the painted canvas over the newly hung towell bar.

Dillan found this cool glass head in a store while we were on our beach vacation.  I thought he was going to put it on the top of the black shelf in the LR, but he decided to put it in the kitchen.   I wouldn't have thought about that, but I think it looks pretty neat with the glass canisters :) 

And what else but a Taylor Swift calendar in the kitchen?  He plans to marry her!

Well, that's about it for now.  We're still working on the bedroom and getting a new foyer table.  Hope to get that done real soon!

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What a super first place. I love it and the decor looks so pulled together for a first place. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty