master bedroom makeover

Well, this post has certainly been a LONG time coming!  I have a tendency to put myself last in alot of areas, so it's no wonder that I put our bedroom last on the list of decorating projects when we moved in.  I just kind of made do with what we had for a while and then slowly started making changes.

There are a few things I think I'd still like to do.  Like putting an area rug on the floor at the end of the bed (maybe a fur rug?) and some off-white sheers in between the panels on the windows.  And I still need to recover the seat for the desk chair.  But other than that, I think that's about it.  Hallelerjah!

This cute little desk is what started it all.  Remember that project?

It's about to officially be my little office area.  Of course, I still need to complete my filing system.  Why is that taking me forever?  That's been a work in progress for some time.  I keep finding ways to tweak my system and then I confuse myself about the best way to file the important stuff.  After all, if I die before Scott, he's got to know where the "important" papers are, you know? So that's my next priority.  I need this space fully functional to keep me organized like I need to be.  I've got alot of irons in the fire!
When I decided to do a makeover, I wanted all new furniture for our bedroom.  But I just couldn't justify spending the money on that right now.  So we looked for some good used pieces that we could redo.  I wanted something totally different than what we already had, and I wanted painted pieces in a creamy white finish.  Of course, the desk was the first piece.  Then I found my dresser...

The dresser was an exact match to the desk.  I couldn't believe my luck!  Of course, it didn't look like this!  It was that ugly yellow dresser .  So it got a new paint job as well.  I didn't like the mirror that came with it....it was a little too child-like for me, so I didn't get it. 

Here's the old dresser I had before:

Cute, but too little and I was so tired of the red tones in the wood.  I wanted light and airy!

This was the chest.  One dresser would definitely not hold all of our clothes, so we looked for a chest with similar lines to the dresser.  We didn't have much luck, so we decided to do something a little different.

Why not have two dressers?  A "his" and "hers"! 

Of course, it was impossible to find an exact match, but the styles aren't too terribly opposite so I feel like it works.  This particular dresser we purchased new, but it was already white.  One light coat of spray paint was all it took to match the color to the other pieces.

Here's a closer look at it.  Notice the straight lines for his dresser.....

and the curvy lines on mine ;)  Yes, I know...genius idea!

I just have to say that pictures don't do this room justice.  

We also found a new headboard that was the right shade of white to match the furniture.  I'll probably get a new comforter eventually, but decided to just keep this one for now. 

I won't go into detail about every single thing in the room, but maybe you can tell more about the actual color scheme by looking at the pillows: tans, creams, chocolate, and a sprig of green. 
I'm really enjoying the change.  I was tired of the red toned woods and lots of burgundy colors we had for so long in our bedroom.  It now feels like a very calm, relaxing space.

We also decided to take the carpet up and put down a laminate wood flooring.  I had people telling me I'd regret pulling the carpet up, but I'm loving it!  Yes, the house is only 4 1/2 years old, but the carpet just had to go.  Actually, the three bedrooms are the only rooms we put carpet in anyway.  We have indoor/outdoor carpet upstairs in the bonus room, but that's worked out well so far for the type of room it is.  And the bonus room is the next project on my "to do" list.  Things have accumulated up there that do not belong!

Since Dillan's moving to Atlanta to live there year round now, he won't be home for long period of time any longer.  The bonus room has become his "man cave" the last few years, but it also holds my treadmill, tanning bed, and some of Scott's music equipment.  So it really needs to be more functional...and decorative ;)

Well, that's the highlights of the master bedroom makeover.  I think I'll be content with it for a little while.  Isn't it funny how our homes are always evolving?  Just when we think we're done decorating a particular room, we get inspired by something else. I guess that's the beauty of having a home.  I certainly do enjoy spending time in mine :)

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