dreams and Twitter

Dreams.  I have a love-hate relationship with them most of the time.  Still, at other times I will have a very strange dream.  A dream that stirs up something in my soul.  One that I feel somehow holds a special meaning. 

I just awoke from a nap while ago.  I'm on a 3 day stay-cation before going on a 4 day vacation.  So I've been a lucky girl and been able to take a nap every day I've been home!  And yes....I just had a very strange dream and I can't help but want to write it down somewhere for reference.  I don't know if I can retell the dream....and it may not make any sense to anyone who reads about it.  Nevertheless, I need to walk through it again in my own mind.

I was at some type of Christian women's event.  I'm not sure who the speaker was, but at some point in the dream, I found myself wanting to write Beth Moore and tell her about the things that were happening. 

I seemed to be alone at the event except for knowing one young lady who is a friend of my son's.  She and I were in the same small group that had been assigned.  The group was made up of several ladies and it seemed most of them in my group were my age or older.  I had a sense from the dream that our first day together as a group was good.

The second day I was coming to the auditorium where everyone would meet for assembly and I overheard the women talking about a particualr young woman and her problems.  They described her as a loner, perhaps depressed, but didn't have a desire to help her or even befriend her.  She was somewhere there at the same conference.  I also heard two of them discussing our number of Twitter followers.

For whatever reason, we had to all follow each other on Twitter as a small group.  I heard one lady telling another of her disappointment in my number of followers and how surprised she was that my numbers didn't increase after they followed me.

I can remember feeling hurt by her comment.  Not so much because of my number of followers, but because I only use Twitter as a means of promoting my blog - and of course, I enjoy following certain others.  And the only reason I blog is because it is a creative outlet for me to put my thoughts out there.  I also have a desire to share my faith through blogging.

When you think about it that way, you might understand that I would love to have lots of followers on my blog, Twitter, and my blog's Facebook page so that I would know if I was having an impact on someone's life.  But that's still not why I do it.

Anyway, back to the dream.  I decided to go to the bathroom to avoid the others for a while.  I didn't want them to see that they had hurt me.  I was feeling very left out and alone.

That's when I saw the girl they had been talking about.  I don't know how I knew who she was, but I did.  I remember seeing her as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She was sad and lonely also and she had been crying.  Somehow in the dream, she seemed to disappear.  I can remember thinking that I should find her.  The weird thing about the dream too is that she was trying to find me in the dream. 

The rest of the dream was a little hard to remember.  I remember trying to find my camera lens.  I was also concerned about the young lady I knew and where she was.  Was she sitting alone?  Did she think I had left her?  Eventually I found the row of seats where I had left her.  There were others she knew with her at that time.  She was fine.  But I still felt alone.

I wonder if you dream alot.  Do you have strange dreams that evoke certain feelings or hurt and pain?  It never fails, when I awake from a dream like that, I can still feel those same feelings, as if I'm still there in dream world.  I just wonder what it all means.

Where is that guy on Joni Lamb's show when I need him? lol!

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