my bucket list & Beth Moore

Beth Moore has had a HUGE impact on my spiritual life!  I mean, HUGE

I can remember the first time I saw her teaching on television.  I was going through some big changes in my life and was trying to make sense of so many things.  You know how you seem to just wake up one morning and realize you dont' know who you are any longer?  Well....that was me.  I had alot of questions for the Lord and even more questions of myself. 

That particular day as I flipped through the channels, I stopped when I saw this beautiful lady quoting scripture with more heart and passion than I had heard in a long time.  I saw something in her that I wanted.  Something that radiated peace, contentment, and joy.  She had me crying one minute and laughing the next.  That was the day that I found my spiritual mentor - someone who could guide me through God's Word and teach me how to apply it to my life.  That was the day that I started my climb out of the pit. 

I started collecting books written by Beth and devoured them all like my life depended on every word.  I also enrolled in several Bible studies written by her at church.  When I discovered the world of blogging, LPM was the first blog I followed....and the reason I started blogging originally.  I loved knowing that I could interact online with Beth and many others about many of the topics that we all face and have concerns about as women. 

I've said for the last few years that seeing Beth Moore live was on my bucket list.  Well, guess what?  I'll be marking that off my list come this weekend! (Lord willing)

I've invited a friend to come along with me and I can hardly wait to get there!  I know that God will bring a powerful Word through Beth as He always does and I pray that I will never be the same after having heard her.  I ask that you pray for safe travels for all of those attending and for Beth and her team personally as they prepare to minister to us

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