Here comes Peter Cotton Tail!

It hasn't felt like spring outside at all until recently, but nevertheless,
I've been busy doing my spring decorating. Yay! 

I know I've said it before, but next to Christmas,
I love to decorate for Easter the most!

There's just something about all those pretty pastels...
and bunnies and chicks...[insert sigh!]. 

With Easter coming early this year, we don't have any time to waste if we want to enjoy the fruits of our spring-loving labor!

I found these rabbits at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with them!  They look just like the foil-covered chocolate rabbits we eat at Easter....yum :)

And guess what?  Dillan's birthday is on Easter this year! 
That makes it double-sweet!  He was such a cute baby! 

This photo was taken on his second Easter.  His first Easter, he was only three days old...wayyyyy too little to go to church!  And that was the first and only Easter Sunday that I haven't been in church.

Anyway, enough of his cuteness (for now anyway...y'all know I'm always bragging on my Dillan) cause it's time to get back on topic here.  Where were we?  Oh yeah....


I wanted to do something different on the breakfast table this year.  I've used my white tray before because it comes in handy when you need to contain things in a certain area.  I certainly didn't need Easter grass flying all over the table!  This multi-colored grass was just what I needed for this tablescape.  It ties all the colors together nicely.  I already had the plastic eggs, and I just scattered them throughout the grass. 

I wanted to showcase the new bunnies, so I put them in the center on top of a new cake plate decorated with pastel colors.  The fuzzy chick and bunny came from the Dollar Tree.  Don't you just love that store?!

I enjoy using my pie safe in this same area to display seasonal favorites.

I love these little egg picks that you can find at Walmart or the Dollar Stores. 
I like the color they add to this ivy. 

Two of my new bunnies :)  Dollar Tree finds, of course!

Still loving this framed vintage print!

This white dish with pink roses is another new item....new to me, anyway.  I won it in a silent auction at a school fundraiser.  I'm so glad I remembered it was tucked away in the cabinet. 
It's too cute not to use this spring!

So that completes the tour of this side of the kitchen.  Oh, yeah....the table cloth is one I already had, so I didn't have to purchase any type of table cover this time.  I'll do a complete tablescape later with dishes and all and post it when I join some blog parties online. 

I also went back and added this pretty green ribbon with pink dots to the tray.  I love how it turned out!

I always try to add something to the corner of the bar area.  My lazy susan holds pastel-colored bunny marshmallows along with Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit.  A few jelly beans, some cute ribbon, and a REAL foil-covered chocolate rabbit in the hurricane jar completes the Easter decorations on the bar.

I went with more natural colored bunnies on the window sill in the kitchen.  The soft, natural color palette makes me smile every time I go to the kitchen sink :)  Can't help myself.  Did I tell you that I absolutely LOVE decorating for Easter?!

And of course, I always use this furniture piece in the foyer to display seasonal favorites.  It holds a beautiful Easter cake plate from Hobby Lobby, the ceramic Peter Rabbit watering can, some of my egg cup collection, as well as other ceramic items that are special to me.

So what about you?  Have you been doing some spring decorating to welcome in the new season?

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Patty Sumner said...

Looks great Lynn. I am not going to do any Spring/Easter decor. We are moving..again...so, I am leaving things packed. You get to celebrate the Saviors birth and a b-day. what a blessing.

Kathy Moreland said...

Love your Easter Decorations! I have two of the DT bunnies too! They are so cute. Come over and see my Easter decor. Have a great evening!