Happy 19th Birthday to my Easter baby!

This time last year I was not only seeing my baby boy turn into a legal adult, but we were staring graduation in the face.  It was such a bitter-sweet time...but I'd say one of the happiest seasons we've experienced as a family.  If you missed the video I made of Dillan's life as part of his graduation present, you can see it here.  But let me warn you...get your kleenex!

It's no secret to any of you who follow this blog just how much I love Dillan!  He is my pride and joy and the subject of the majority of my blog posts...lol!  I can't believe he's now about to finish his first year of college! Wow!!! Where does the time go?

Mommy time
The next thing we know, he'll be graduating from college, probably traveling the world, and using his God-given talents in even more remarkable ways.  I can see so many opportunities ahead for him and I'm excited about the future that I believe God has in store for him!

I'm so proud of how well he's doing in his studies at Georgia State!  It's challenging at times, but he's really pushing himself to excel.  I got tickled at this recent picture he posted on Facebook during a long weekend of studying:
I remember those college days!  Wait!  I'm still a college student!  All those late nights studying and hours of research for papers will be worth it in the end.

Let's see....what else has Dillan experienced this last year in ATL?  

Oh yeah!  He was asked to do some modeling for a new designer in the Atlanta area!  He enjoyed it and plans to pursue more modeling opportunities in the future, but hasn't had much free time this freshman year to concentrate on his modeling career.  He'll get around to it, though :)

He's loving Passion City Church in Atlanta!  He goes to the evening service on Sunday nights when most of the college students attend.  He is also a member of a small-group that meets there every other week.
He's keeping in touch with old friends and also making what I call, Forever Friends.

And yes....I'm stealing the heck out of his photos on Instagram!  I don't think he'll mind ;)

Love this one!  Yep...he's making some great memories with his new friends!

So here's wishing you a very Happy 19th Birthday, Dillan!  We love you and are very proud of the young man you have become!

You quickly learned how to fly when it was time to leave my nest.  As I watch you continue to learn more about yourself and this crazy world we live in, I sense that you are about to soar to heights you've not yet reached!  As the song says, "I'll have tears as you take off, but I'll cheer as you fly!"

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