making room for a young man

I was so excited when Dillan came home from college for the holidays and announced that he was ready to update his bedroom!  I've been "chomping at the bit" to get in there and do something a little more age-appropriate for him.

Of course, I don't have a good pic of his room to show you what it really looked like when we made this decision.  He has now pulled down all the posters and pictures and gotten everything off the desk, shelves, and dresser.  We're taking the furniture to North Carolina soon to give to my nephew.  So we are going to be starting from scratch to redo this room!

Anyway, his room was a typical teenager room with posters and art splattered all over the walls.  But that in itself was not what really bothered me about the room.  It just didn't match his style and personality.  Of course, we've been in this house for four years now and he's changed alot in four years.  And when we moved in, he was not actually wanting any particular color or style, so it just wound up pretty simple.

Excuse all the stuff in front of the closet...getting ready to move things out....and the fact that the blinds are not touching in the center.  That's bothered me since they were installed!  Got to fix that. 

What bothers me most about the room is how little the furniture looks.  He's around 6'4" now and it looks dwarf size in comparison to him.  We also need to get an extra long twin mattress for him.  That's what he has at college and he says it makes a big difference in his sleep....of course it would!  He needs to be able to stretch out without his feet hanging off the bed.  The iron bed frame in this picture was something I bought after he stopped using the bunk bed that came with the suite. 

Here's what the original looked like:

See why he stopped using the bunk bed?  He got to where he couldn't even sit up in bed without hitting his head....lol!  So when we moved into our new house, we put the bottom bed in the bonus room and got rid of the one on top.  We put the desk and shelf/drawer towers next to each other for plenty of storage on one wall. 

the original dresser...and my daddy's old gun cabinet
Yes. We have guns!  And I'm not planning on giving any of them up!
His closet runs the whole length of the wall on that side.  Plenty of closet room!

Here's the two towers side by side.  It was set up pretty cute, I think with his things before. But...it's time to get a bedroom appropriate for a young man :)

I've got my work cut out for me, but I'm so ready to get started!  The paint has been bought and is in the room waiting to go up on those plain walls!  It's screaming for color!!!!

As I said before, except for the bed frame, night stand, and gun cabinet, all of this furniture came from Rooms to Go when he was probably 4th or 5th grade. Although he outgrew the bunk bed system, the storage he had from the desk/tower system served him well until now.  

So if you're curious about what I have in mind for the space, take a look at this board I made on Pinterest for inspiration: Retro-Modern Inspiration.  Of course, Dillan has approved of it too ;)  I told him what I saw for him and listened to what he was thinking as well, and the items on this board pretty much reflect that.

So stay tuned.....you'll be seeing some progress in there soon!

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