DIY snow covered bottles

I was browsing through Pinterest recently in search of ideas for a winter vignette for my breakfast table.  I ran across some snow covered bottles that I loved!  Here's the inspiration piece:

Cute, isn't it?  This is a fun and easy project!  I already had plenty of glass bottles on hand...I'm becoming a hoarder of sorts with the bottles - so all I had to pick up was white spray paint, Craft Bond Adhesive spray, Epsom salt, and some white/silvery items to stick in the bottles.

everything needed for the project
I decided on two larger glass bottles and a third smaller one that was plastic.  I liked the fact that it had a completely different shape to it.  I had already washed the bottles out...although the old ones don't look crystal clear.  It doesn't matter though since they will be sprayed and you won't be able to see the glass anyway :) 
you can tell I sprayed something else here earlier...looks like they're sitting on a white circle

So I sprayed away and allowed them plenty of time to completely dry....several hours. 

After they were dry, I sprayed the adhesive spray on them (one at a time) and quickly rolled it in the Epsom salt.  Because of the shape of the bottles, I also used my hands to generously sprinkle salt over them.  I shook the excess off and allowed to dry.  This took a total of about 5 minutes...no kidding!

Here they are all covered in snow!  I actually left them outside overnight in the garage.  I'm sure they would be fine to go ahead and use after a couple of hours, but I had purchased Epsom salt with a lavender scent (that was all they had in the store at the time).  As you might imagine, the smell of the lavender was pretty strong!  But after leaving them out overnight, I don't even smell it now :)

Another hint of advice: When allowing them to dry, place them in a box top or something similar.  I felt like the less I handled them after they were coated the longer they would last. It wouldn't take much to knock off some of that fake snow.

So...why don't you give it a try? 
Here's a snapshot of how my winter vignette looks on the table in the breakfast room.  I'm very pleased with the outcome.....reminds me of Narnia!  

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Joy Kinard said...

I really like those! You are so good at table arrangements!