am I 'Wonder Woman' ?

As a little girl, I had my fair share of turns playing the role of Wonder Woman during our "Super Hero" games.  For some reason, she was always my favorite character!  Not the Bionic Woman or Isis, but Wonder Woman.

Even now, I sometimes refer to myself as Wonder Woman when I somehow manage to get multiple tasks accomplished at work and around the house.  But to be told I look like Linda Carter?  Now that's hilarious to me.......LOL!!!!!!!

But it happened today....again!  Yes, I was told that one time a long time ago.  I laughed then too, but after hearing it today, I decided to compare some photos to see what it is they are seeing.

Looking at these first two photos, I think it's something about our eyes....and narrow lips (just for the record, I hate my lips!)  Why couldn't God give me nice, full lips that didn't require lip liner & plumper?

and maybe the way we wear our hair adds to it.....long layers parted on the same side
and now that I'm really looking, our noses are similar too


Here's a few more random pics just for the fun of it....

So what do you think? 
Do you see any similarities?
What famous person do you look like?


Patty Sumner said...

Well Lynn, I think you do look alike...it is the cheekbones too. I understand the lip thing...mine are thin too. Get thinner the older I get....Well, you look like wonder women and by the looks of your blog.. I think you may just be wonder women...Blessings!

Sharing Shadymont said...

You have very similar features! Darken your hair, and I think you'd pass for her!

mountain mama said...

i can totally see it!

i had wonder woman jammies when i was little! :)