a bedroom closet makeover

I guess I get my love for decorating my home from my mother.  She likes to piddle around her house and play with different areas all the time.  Her latest 'wild hair' was to turn the closet in her sewing room into a more functional space for storage and for housing her bill-paying items.  While we were sitting around her house during the Christmas holidays, she mentioned this.  Before she could get started on the project, she needed the closet doors removed as well as the shelf that was mounted inside.  One of my BILs immediately took care of this for her.  That left the painting part to do next....and that's where I come in.  So...what color should we paint it?  We wanted it to stand out since taking the closet doors off opens it up to the bedroom. 

These pictures were our inspiration piece for the room.  We'd already painted the bedroom walls in a dark khaki color several years ago.  The trim in the room is white.  We talked about it a bit and I suggested she paint the inside of the closet a dark gray.  We talked about red, but I know how hard it is to paint with red paint!!!

Here's a look at the white closet doors and the shelf that was inside.  When we moved in this house years ago (I was 5 years old!), my daddy had insisted on painting our bedrooms blue....his favorite color.  It didn't matter that he didn't have any boys.....just us four girls.  Well, there were just three of us at the time....my baby sister came later.

Even though paneling was added later and then painted on, the closet had never been touched.  It was still that same old blue...yuk!

This is a pretty good shot of what we had to work on.  Mama had all sorts of stuff stored in there.  Taking out the shelf really opened up the space.  I already had visions of hanging a picture or bulletin board or something in there just above eye level.

So, being the good daughter that I am, that Saturday I got on up and went to help her paint.  We had to make a trip to purchase paint supplies first.  After visiting two stores (the first one mixed us up some pink paint instead of gray....and thought we were going to buy it! NOT!), we got our gray paint and headed home. 
We taped plastic on the floor to prevent any paint spills on the carpet....

and even a little further our for some added protection......

and then we got to work!

Here's what it looked like when we got through.....

Maybe you can tell from this picture just how good the gray looks in there!  We still need to put some wood over the area where the closet doors hung on the track, but mama wasn't worried about doing it right away. 

Now on to the 'little things'........

We decided to use the two prints that were our inspiration inside the closet.  The problem was that there were only two and she needed three in there.  Then I had a great idea!  (I do that from time to time [grin]).  I had seen this beautiful red wrapping paper stored in the closet when we were cleaning it out.  It was such a close match to the red in the other pictures, that I suggested we frame it and put it in the middle of the other two photos. 

We didn't have a black frame handy, so we spray painted one.  I also picked up the wood letter, 'N' at Hobby Lobby and painted it black.  We removed the glass from the picture frame and used wood glue to glue the letter onto the paper.  (My mom's name is Nancy, in case you're wondering).

I love the way it turned out and I really like it with the other two pictures!

We put the black iron shelf back in the closet, but placed it in the middle to house her bill paying supplies.

Here's the full view.  Isn't it adorable?

This black wire bodice piece (what do you call these things?) helped to fill up the space nicely.  Mama had the perfect scarf to display as well :)

Here's a look at the twin bed on the opposite side of the room.  We still need to find an art piece for the space above the shelf.  In this picture, you can see the black & white toile valance in the window.  That's where the black & white and red color scheme came from.

On the opposite side of the window are two adorable wood cabinets that hold sewing items as well as some decorative pieces. 

She still needs to spruce up the area around the sewing machine.  I love the little wall lamp in here :)

Well, that's basically the tour of the room.  It's not a very big room, but it's big enough to serve as a sewing room and a place for overnight guests when needed.

Mama will probably install white shelving on each end of the closet one day, but for now, it serves the intended purpose - and it looks much better than before!


Joy Kinard said...

That really came together so pretty!

Patty Sumner said...

Its beautiful Lynn! You and your Mom are two talented women.. What a great space.. I just afraid my messy bill paying system would mess everything up...lol.. Blessings!