more gluten free for me

It's amazing what you can find when you really look.  I recently went to a different Publix and found another gluten free sandwich bread that didn't come frozen.  They also had it in cinnamon & raisin so I enjoyed that for breakfast for a while.

I had already been buying the Glutino breakfast bars from Cordele's Walmart, but I had only seen them in strawberry.  This Publix had them in apple and blueberry, so I grabbed a box of each to try.  I really like the apple!  This particular store had alot more to choose from than I'm accustomed to, so I'll be visiting them more frequently to stock up on hard-to-find items and special treats.

It's so hard trying to maintain a gluten free diet around the holidays!  Well, it's hard any time, but especially around the holidays.  I'm allowing myself to cheat from time to time...especially for the convenience during this busy time of year.  After the first of the year, it will be time to focus on getting more in shape and paying more attention to diet.  Until then, I plan on enjoying everything about the holidays - including the food!

Well, let me get back to trying to decide on recipes for several upcoming events..........

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