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I feel so guilty about not blogging much since election night!  It's not been for a lack of things to talk about and share.  I've just been a little preoccupied lately....and so busy!

I did blog a couple of times on our ministry site and wanted to share that with you.  Check out this article I wrote that was published after the election.

I've also been busy with our Acteen group at church.  I shared about one of our latest projects here if you want to check that out.  We had some fun time yesterday and went to see the Nutcracker ballet together...it was awesome!

The rest of this post will be pretty random to get you caught up on the latest.............

1st round of playoffs
The Wilcox County Patriot football season was wide open even two weeks past the Thanksgiving holiday!  It's become tradition around here to still be playing football when the Christmas season comes around. 

We made it to the final four, but suffered a heartbreaking loss to ECI that put us out of playing in the State Championship at the Georgia Dome this year :(  But it was another great season and we look forward to next year already.  How long is it until August?  :)

Fall semester has officially come to an end for me and Dillan....Yahoo!!!  We took our last finals last week.  Dillan was able to come home the prior week, but had to go back last Monday for one last final.  I took off work and rode with him since it's such a long ride.  We did a little shopping and enjoyed our day together.  I'm so glad to have him home for the Christmas holiday!

view from Dillan's dorm room

My mom and all three of my sisters were able to be together at Thanksgiving this year so we went Black Friday shopping.  We had a football game that Friday night, so we only went to Warner Robins.  Can't let shopping keep us from getting to a game on time!

On Thanksgiving night, Dillan and I decided to be brave and head to Walmart for the start of their Black Friday sales at 8:00 pm.  My niece and nephew rode with us and let me tell you..........it was crazy up in that store!  It's everything people warned me about and more!  Those people will hurt you to get what they want!

We were after a mattress topper for Dillan's bed...and we he got one of the only two there in the pile!
We had split up and got on isles opposite of each other....in hopes that one of us could get to them.  But when it came down to it, the yellow tape was torn and people flew in for the kill and all I could say (according to my niece) was "Oh my God!" I just froze in shock.  I couldn't even see Dillan at the bottom of the pile of people, but all of a sudden he popped up above the crowd with item in hand!  He hung on to it for dear life as he waded through the people to us.

Needless to say, we didn't stay long after that!  We got out of there quick!

I've also been busy decorating my entire house for the Christmas season.  I'm about to complete pictures of everything and give you a house tour, but here's a little something to get it started:

Chevron fabric and sock monkeys :)
I've been wanting to have new Christmas stockings for the boys and Lucy for several years now....something that would coordinate and be a little more unique.  Well, I found the perfect fabric in Hobby Lobby the other day.  My mama can sew like nobody's business, so I asked her to stitch them up for me.  She had them ready the very next day and I'm already enjoying them on my mantel :)

Of course, the one in the middle with the "sock monkey" theme is Lucy's :)

Oh...I forgot to mention...I also had the flu since election day.  And I gave it to Scott too :(

This humidifier was my best friend that week.....yes...I was so sick I missed a whole week of work. 

The other night, Scott insisted on us having a 'family night' and forced the boys to watch "Frosty the Snowman" with us....lol!  He wouldn't allow any of us to have our phones or computers out during the show.  So we popped popcorn and I made hot chocolate...complete with snowman marshmallows :)  It really is the simple things, isn't it?

Scott and I went to the cemetery recently to visit my daddy's grave.  Mama had mentioned that the grave area needed a little TLC, so Scott weed-eated around everything and cleaned it up.  I'll never get used to seeing that grave with my daddy's name on it.  We miss him so much.....especially this time of the year.

To help us get into the Christmas spirit, we had "Fifth Season" come perform at our church recently.  It was an hour of beautiful Christmas music.  It was nice to just sit back and listen to the sounds of the season and think about what the true meaning of Christmas really is.....the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Well, I'm sure there's alot more that I could include in this post, but I will leave it at this. 

I hope you will do like me and try to slow down and really enjoy this Christmas season.  There's always plenty to do to keep us busy, but it's so important that we not lose sight of what Christmas is all about. 

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