a political party!

I thought it would be fun to really celebrate election night tonight as I watch the results come in throughout the course of the evening.  It is such a privilege we have as Americans to be able to vote and I get so excited  watching how the political process works.

I'm home alone tonight, but that's no excuse for not letting my creative juices flow!

Here's the menu for my simple supper:

"Right/ Left Wings" 
"Poll" fries
Star Spangled Sipper (non-alcoholic)

For dessert, I'm having Donkey Tails & Elephant Ears, courtesy of
Dixie Delights, one of my fave blogs :)  Mine are made differently since I couldn't find frozen puffed pastry around here (imagine that!).  I used crescent rolls instead.  The Star Spangled Sipper also came from her blog site.  It's almost a science experiment, being able to make the red and blue colors stay separate in the glass.  You will notice from my pics that I didn't do well in science....lol!  It tastes good though!

And of course, there will be snacks for later in the evening... popcorn, nuts, a tiny apple pie (what could be more American than apple pie?), and plenty of good coffee! 

I decided to set things up on the coffee table in my living room - after all, that's where I'll be hanging out all night!  Here's a look at the tablescape and my meal:

Right/Left Wings and Poll fries

Star Spangled Sipper

Donkey Tails & Elephant Ears

I had alot of fun putting all this together.  I just pulled out some of my July 4th stash and added a few other red, white, and blue items.  

I googled this picture of political symbols and printed it off for easy framing.

So as you see, I'm all set!  It's time to get this show on the road!

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