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It seems like we always have some type of project in the works around here.  Some big...some small.  Recently, we got something accomplished that we've wanted done since we moved in 4 years ago this weekend.  We installed an attic ladder! Hooray!!!

This is how we've been accessing our attic the last few years.  I know...not very convenient!  Especially when you're moving 24 boxes of Christmas decorations down and then back up every year!  For some reason, I didn't even think to double check with the builder about installing an attic ladder during the build.  I guess I just assumed we'd have one.  Well, we might have.  But Scott thinks he remembers telling them not to worry about it.  I have no idea why he would do that.  Maybe he didn't realize how many Christmas decorations I had - lol!  And really, we didn't think too much about it until we had to get up there to get something.  You know, out of sight..out of mind.

So we finally got an estimate to have a ladder installed.  Only problem is...it wouldn't fit in the current access space.  We would have to put in a new one in the front end of the hall.  Fine with me!  

We actually were very blessed during this project.  Before we could even set a date for the work to take place, we were given an attic ladder to use.  Our project had come up in conversation with someone that had one and also knew how to install them.  He offered to do it for free!  Of course, we wouldn't allow that. We paid him for his efforts and he and Scott got it put in within a couple of hours one Saturday.  

This is the old access door.  Notice the trim around it is stained like the rest of the trim in the house and Scott is painting it white to blend in with the ceiling.  I have no idea why our builders did this.  I should have made the painter paint it white to match the ceiling before we even moved in.  I was just so ready to move in that I decided not to worry with it.  But it's always bothered me.  You're not supposed to draw attention to something like that.

A look after installation....and before being painted

Now isn't this much better than the other ladder?  I'm so excited!!! Now I can go up and down as much as I want!  That's real important to a girl that likes to change things up a bit in the house with different seasonal items.  I guess I need to post a pic of the finished project.  Why don't I have a pic of that?

in the way of other projects.........

You see this empty closet?  Well, this is my hall closet and it didn't used to be empty.  It was full of coats and all kinds of crap stuff.  I've been wanting to make it more functional since we moved in, but it's one of those things that's stayed on the back burner for a while.  But there was a chain reaction to our getting new dressers for our master recently.  By getting new dressers to hold our folding clothes, I was able to free up the small chifferobe in my master closet that we had been using for our clothes.

Here's a look at the little chifferobe in our closet before we moved it out...we had just taken the drawers out of it.  I decided it would be a great idea to move it into the hall closet and use the space to organize craft supplies and other accessories.

(I hope to finish our master closet  soon and show it to you when I do the master bedroom reveal)

Here's the chifferobe after we got it moved into the hall closet.  Before taking time to organize everything, I went through the house and got all my craft, sewing supplies, etc. together to see just how much stuff would need to go in there. It helps me to better organize things when I know how much I really have that needs to be organized.

I had stuff everywhere!

even in Dillan's doorway

and here it is now.....
I'm thinking about installing another wire shelf to add a little extra shelf space for smaller items.  Or maybe some matching baskets on top of the chifferobe for extra storage. 

I still have room on one end to keep my Rainbow vac.  In case you're wondering, that yellow box on top with crumpled up newspaper is not mine.  Someone left it here....just storing it there for right now.

My old sewing machine is finally stored somewhere within easy reach.  I haven't used it alot over the last few years, but I may actually set up a sewing area in our bonus room upstairs now that Dillan's not holed-up in there now.....he's a college boy = empty nest = more room for me and the mister to spread out :)

I bought a laundry basket to store some extra throw pillows on the shelf.  I also put my baskets and carpet shampooer there for convenience.

This chifferobe was in the nursery when Dillan was a baby.  I've saved it all these years!  It has a closet door with 3 shelves and 5 drawers!  Hooray for all that storage!!!  As you can see, in the top drawer, I put all my paints, markers, glue gun, etc.  I love having all these supplies in one spot!

In the second drawer, I put my ribbons, feathers, and those type craft supplies. 

Next is my embroidery supplies and such.

I also have a drawer for decorating supplies, like paper mache, banners, shells, flags, etc.

and the bottom drawer holds all of my fabrics for my cloth doll supplies

If you take a peek behind the cabinet door, there's floral arrangement items on the top shelf.  The other two shelves hold items that can't be stored in the attic (because of temperature) and extra picture frames for use when needed. 

All in all, I'm LOVIN' my new craft closet and attic ladder!  We still have to add more floor space in the attic for easy access since we moved the access point.  We've been waiting for some cooler temperatures to get up there and do that, but that's next on our list of stuff to do. 

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Sharing Shadymont said...

What a great craft closet! I've moved a bunch of my stuff into a closet too. I've stored all my decorating items in labeled bins in the basement. I plan to get down there soon, and sort through all of them and purge some more. I had a yard sale this summer and made some good money for old decorating items. I could purge even more, so before long......

Great post! Have a safe and fun long weekend.