a football tablescape

What could be more appropriate for an early fall tablescape than one with a football theme!  And of course, when I say football, I mean Patriot football :)

My inspiration began with this cute little white & blue football helmet.  Scott works for CSX and they received these helmets at a meeting last fall. (Not sure why..lol!).  I stored it away in the closet....knowing I'd use it for fall decorating of some sorts.

I decided to go with a white plastic cloth I had on hand so the blue in the dishes and accessories would stand out. You definitely don't need a fancy cloth when you're workin' with a football theme!

The white plates with blue trim around the band are by Noritake...as well as the blue Swirl glasses.  I found the blue soup bowls at Walmart a long time ago.

I also had two blue spirit towels that I decided to use as place mats. I really need four, so I'll be on the lookout for more at this year's games. 

For the centerpiece, I used a blue pom pom, mega phone, and two small footballs from our high school games.  I put the helmet on a white cake stand to balance out the height of the mega phone.

I found these popcorn holders in the $1 section at Walmart recently.  They are the perfect color of blue!  I added blue and yellow (for gold) paper strips to them for extra school color. 

I had some left over blue polka dotted napkins from another event, so I put them to use as well.  One on top of the white cake stand really sets off the white helmet.

This cute football tray came from the Dollar Store.  I put it on the bar because I know I'll be adding fruit or snacks to it for easy reach. 

Last, but not least, is the football shaped container I saved from last year.  I bought it full of pretzels and knew I needed to keep it for refills.  Right now, it's full of Scott's chocolate stash!

Here's to another great year of Wilcox County Patriot football!


Helen's Decor said...

Hi, Enjoyed reading your blog. Best wishes as you enter the "empty nest" time in your life. It does take adjusting, but you will enjoy that part of life as well. I'm to your right on Marty's party this week at #102...hop on over for a visit, please! Helen

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi there! Your post caught my eye because I have recently set up a couple of sports-inspired tablescapes for a tablescaping class I teach. We may not root for the same team (I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan!), but I'm glad to see someone else has football on the brain!!! That container with the lid is really cute! I would love to find a few of those around here somewhere. Fun accents all around, especially the helmet!

Style Sisters said...

So fun! Love the football theme...my daughter is actually a huge football fan and would love this! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share your ideas.