the eagle has left the nest....

and landed in ATL!!!

We loaded up both cars Wednesday night - and wondered if he'd have room for all of it!

the leather jacket on top makes me think he's not planning on coming home any time soon :(
loaded up and ready
Unfortunately, he and his roommate didn't get the apartment they signed up for :(  They filled up too quickly and freshmen had to be put on a waiting list.

This is where he was supposed to be living:

Instead, he will be next door at Piedmont North, building B, 7th floor:

It's not nearly as big as the Commons (which is composed of apartments that were built for Olympic athletes when they were in Atlanta) but it's still pretty big.  There are two separate buildings and he's in the back building with views of the interstate.  It's not an apartment, but this was his second favorite housing unit out of all four so I think he'll like it there until he can get in the Commons.

They have their own separate front entrance and a covered parking garage in back (he'll never have to run in out of the rain!).  The buildings have a cool grass area in between.  This used to be a hotel, so there was once a pool here.  Now they use it as a space for grilling out or having movie nights outside for the residents.

the grass area
another view of the front.....

The move-in process was pretty easy for us.  They were well organized and if you had questions, there was plenty of staff and students to assist you.  Dillan's floor had to move in between 8:00 - 10:00 am, so we had to leave at 5:00 am to get there on time.  After seeing the long lines of traffic waiting to turn in to the parking lot later that morning and afternoon, I was thankful that we missed all of that!  We pulled right in and parked in the garage and unloaded.  They had huge rolling bins available and we got it all with 3 trips up the elevator!

This is the view looking into the room.  We were the first ones there and Dillan selected one of the beds by the window.  By the way, I forgot to mention, he has 2 room mates.  The rooms in Piedmont are large enough to accommodate 3 students.  They'd have alot more room if it was only 2, but they'll make it work.

We got Dillan's things unloaded before doing any unpacking.  You can't see the closet full of hanging clothes in this picture..lol!

Bad lighting in this pic, but this is one end of the room.  His roommate, Sterling took the bed opposite Dillan.

This is the other end of the room.  Their room mate, Will is on this end.

Each student has an extra long, twin bed that's raised up for storage underneath.  The beds can actually be raised much higher, but all three of these guys are pretty tall!  Not sure they'd be able to sit up in bed without hitting the ceiling if the beds were raised more bunk style :)  Each student has a closet and a desk/chair as well.  The built-in closet can be used by all three guys for storage, towels, etc.

The bathroom is pretty nice too....typical hotel style room and bath.  Dillan bought them a shower curtain with matching rug and accessories.  No need in looking tacky, right?  Of course, I enjoyed the whole shopping trip too!  It's fun picking out things....trying to make it their new home :)

I wish I'd gotten pics of the room before we left, but I forgot to bring my camera back to the room.  We had moved our car several blocks away to make room for others unloading and I forgot to bring it back up with me.  I'm sure Dillan was grateful....didn't want his 'blogger mom' embarrassing him...lol!

So....we got him moved in.  We had lunch together and made a trip to a Walmart to pick up last minute items.  I 'laid down the law' before we even left to go up there and told Scott that I was not leaving him up there until I made sure he had what he needed.  He's got enough on his plate with making new friends and learning how to get around up there without having to be confused about other things that I could help him with.  We went to the book store to pick up all of his books (that this organized mom had ordered online..ha!).  No standing in long book lines for him!  We also made sure his parking permit and dining hall pass were set up.  Again, I had paid all of these fees online before hand, so it didn't take him long at all to complete these processes.  

When it was time to go, I only shed a few tears when he hugged me.  He seemed fine, but I also know he doesn't like to see his mom cry so I tried to hold it in.  He hugged me one more time and then we left.  After only walking a block, I text him and told him I was not crying anymore...that I was fine.  I didn't want him picturing me crying hysterically walking to the car....lol! And that's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities for me!

It was close to 5:00 pm at this time, so we made our first trip to IKEA and ate supper at The Cheesecake Factory to let traffic thin out some on the interstate.

As darkness fell on the ride back, the tears began to fall again.  Not tears of sadness for the situation, but tears of a proud mama and one that cannot believe that my baby is a young adult now.

I wouldn't change a single thing about this stage in our lives.  I'm ready for this stage in my life and I'm excited about his future and all of the opportunities he will have in a bigger city...I'm just going to miss him terribly!  Not only do I love my son, but I actually LIKE him!  I enjoy spending time with him.  But I believe Dillan is where he needs to be...more importantly, he's where he wanted to be.  I'm sure he's experiencing alot of new emotions and feelings right now as he makes Atlanta his new home.  But I've already seen God's hand at work in preparing the way for him.  His room mates are very sweet and seem to have so much in common with him!  One of them is even a photographer and they are so much alike that it is uncanny!  We know for certain that he is also a believer in Jesus Christ and guess what?  The church that we visited up there and recommended to Dillan....well, that's where he's been going to church already!  He can show him the way there!  Isn't God good?!

I'm looking forward to updating you all on how things are going for Dillan.  I'm sure he'll have plenty to share about this new journey in his life.  Please pray for him and that God would keep him safe and keep his hand on him as well as his two room mates.  

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