on growing up...

If I didn't already, I definitely feel like Dillan is officially a legal adult now.  We went to the polls together Tuesday for him to vote in his first election.  Call me overly patriotic if you want, but I take my right to vote very seriously....and I was so excited to see my baby old enough to have his say in an election.  Sometimes the people we vote for may not win, but they certainly won't if we never do our part and cast our ballot.

Our voting precinct is in a small town in our county.  I think it's pretty neat how such important decisions take place in the most humble of settings.

Another thing this week that has really brought home the fact that my baby is not a baby anymore is the shopping trip we took over the weekend.  It's hard for me to believe how quickly the summer's flown by and in less than two weeks, we will be moving Dillan to the ATL!  Am I really ready for this?  Ready or not....here it comes!

This is just some of the things we've got ready for move day...comforter, ironing board, school supplies, shower curtain, mattress topper, etc.  We've got lots more to pack up - including Dillan's never-ending supply of clothes ;)

Somehow I don't think this will be enough boxes!

You wouldn't believe my check list!  I'm trying to cover all the bases to make sure he's as prepared as possible.  I hope and pray he will have a smooth transition into college life.  I sure am gonna miss him!

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