gluten free and me

Thank you Dominoes!  Now I can have pizza without feeling so guilty.  Of course, I have to admit, I've not been so careful about what I've been eating lately.  I confessed that a while back.  When I don't have time to drive to Perry (the nearest Publix), it's really hard to stock up on what I need to stay gluten-free/ wheat-free.

I'm still doing well avoiding the dairy, but it's so hard to avoid wheat!  As I've said before, I'm so thankful that I'm only sensitive to it.  I can't imagine how hard it is for those who have no choice but to avoid it.

Anyway, this picture was from a few weeks ago.  The week Dillan left for college, I invited two of his closest friends over for a pizza supper one night.  So I decided to try the gluten free pizza from Dominoes for myself.  It was actually pretty good!  I didn't really feel like I was eating a 'special' pizza.

Of course, I picked up some dessert for the kids too (well, I might've had one!)
Who doesn't love cupcakes?

Here's a pic of Dillan and his friends, Mallory and Lacey (sorry bout the lighting)

It was a nice night.  We'll have to do it again some time when Dil comes home from school.  But back to the gluten-free thing..........

I told y'all early on when I started this 'journey to better health' all of the reasons I had decided to get in better shape.  My journey started back in March, so it's been 6 months so far.  I'm still proud of my progress..lost 9 lbs and body fat through my mid-section.  I shared with you a few weeks ago that I had gained a couple of pounds back.  I think the biggest reason for that is the fact that I slowed down in my exercising.  I really thought as my hormone levels got better, the weight would come off on it's own and I didn't want to lose too much by exercising like a maniac like I had been.  Well, as of last Wednesday, my exercising has had to come to a complete halt for a few weeks.  I had to have an unexpected surgery and was told 'NO EXERCISING' for 3 weeks!  

I'll go in more detail later about my surgery and what's going on, but I'd appreciate so much your prayers.  It's so easy to lose our motivation at times....especially when things get monotonous.  But when things have to come to a halt for other reasons, it can really get discouraging.  It's not anything serious that's wrong, so don't get me wrong....no worries :)

I have two doctor appointments next week, so I will be able to better explain some things then.  I'll also be getting the results of more blood work to check on my progress with my hormone levels.  So until then....have a good week :) 

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