the tale of two dressers

When purchasing a bedroom suite, you always see a dresser paired with a chest of drawers or an armoire.  But who says you can't just have two dressers?  You get alot more drawer space...which is exactly what I was after.

If you go here, you can see the desk we redid last year in an effort to begin the transformation on our master bedroom (I wanted an office area for my personal use...hence the desk). You'll also see a before pic of the matching dresser I stumbled across weeks later.

Here's a quick before & after of the desk if you don't want to see the whole process:

The desk was in great shape.  I loved the fact that the drawers did not have a flat front.  Really cute stencils, but not exactly what I was looking for.  So with Scott's help (alot of Scott's help!), we made it work for our room.  I love the way it turned out!


And here's the before pic of the dresser:
That same ugly yellow with stencils, but an exact match to the desk...how lucky am I?
(the hardware was different, though)

The project came to a stand-still for a while when I was so busy with school.  We finished the dresser, but I never got around to showing the end result.  So here it is! (excuse the stuff lying around on the floor...still getting things in place when I took this)

This dresser has alot more drawer space than the old one and I'm loving the lighter color palette in the room.  Still needing a mirror, though :(
the process:
We removed the drawers, cleaned the inside and sanded and repainted the fronts (after removing the hardware, of course).  We used the same spray paint that was used on the desk - Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch, SATIN Heirloom White.

We had trouble finding new handles the size we needed that closely resembled those on the desk, so I decided to just respray the old ones to match the color of the desk hardware.  They're not the same design, but I'm ok with that :)

For some reason, the previous owner had it raised up on small pieces of 2x4's?  Scott kept them on while painting so the dresser would sit up a little higher for more convenient spraying.  When complete, he took them off.  Yes, you heard me right...Scott does most of the spraying around here.  I'm pretty good with a paint brush, but I can streak-up something with a can of spray paint!

We also wanted to replace the old chest of drawers, but I've had a problem finding one that had the room we needed.  So I decided to be on the look out for another dresser.  We'll have a "his" and "hers"!

I was also needing a new headboard since we got rid of our old one.  I had thought about attempting to make a fabric one, but after thinking long and hard about it, I knew I'd spend alot more money than I really want to on this project.  So last weekend, me and the mister headed out for a little antique shopping & flea marketing to try to find another dresser and a headboard (why buy new when you can save lots of money by restoring an old piece in good condition?)....and we scored!

The first find was this queen headboard

I had in mind one that was dark stained or one that we could restain.  Although the other furniture in the room is Heirloom White, I'm also mixing in chocolate brown with a few other walnut stained pieces in the room.  But....when we got the headboard up....it was PERFECT!

It's almost a perfect match to the other pieces but white-washed

a close-up of the detail

I've got a few more accessories to purchase/revamp before I show the complete room in detail.  You won't believe the difference!  It looks like a completely different bedroom and I'm pleased with the outcome so far. 

We also found a large dresser the same day.  It was practically brand new, but of course, I couldn't just leave it like it was [grin].  It was white and very shiny and sleek looking.  Although not much different in color from the Heirloom White on the other pieces, I felt like it should be the exact same shade - especially since it was somewhat different in design.  I also didn' like the glossy look to it.  It made it seem a little too contemporary for my taste.  Scott got started on it pretty quickly after we got it home and I forgot to snap a couple of pics to show you the before, but here it is now:

Look how long the drawers are!  Isn't that awesome?

I decided this would be Scott's dresser with its broad and simple design.

I get the one with the curves - lol!

Yep, just a few more projects for this room like replacing the bedside lamps and creating a sunburst mirror and it will be complete!  I can't wait to show you the completed project, so stay tuned ;)

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Wow! You did a great job! I think it is so nice to re-do things in your home yourself - it is such a feeling of satisfaction! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm now a follower of yours as well!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Wonderful project (or should I say projects)! Thanks for the inspiration.


Designing Domesticity said...

Looking good. Love the updates and all that storage. Thanks for sharing, liz