our beach vacation

Panama City Beach...aaahhhhhha!
My family and I spent 4 nights at PCB for our vacation this year.  The water was beautiful and the weather cooperated as well.  We enjoyed our time of rest and relaxation so much!

We stayed at the Sandpiper Beacon Resort for the first time.  We were looking for something pet friendly since Lucy was coming with us and this was a great spot.  We had a pool side suite on the bottom floor.

I enjoyed walking right out our back door every morning to the pool.  Since the pool and hot tub didn't open until 10:00, I had plenty of quiet time to enjoy a cup of coffee and my devotion.

When we walked out of our front door and turned to the right, this was our view.  The beach was just seconds away :)

They even had plenty of hammocks for the guests to enjoy next to the beach :)

We spent most of our time relaxing at the beach and working on our tans ;)

There were 2 outdoor pools to enjoy and an indoor pool and lazy river for the kids as well.

Lucy was always curious as to why there were so many people in her back yard.

"What are y'all doin' out there?"

We took Lucy on walks several times each day for exercise (which she desperately needs) and her potty breaks.  This huge chair was on the back deck area.  We were trying to get a picture of Lucy in the chair by herself, but she didn't want to cooperate.  A lady passing by offered to take our picture with her :)

I took this sunset shot from the pier.....such a beautiful sight!

We took a cruise to Shell Island that Saturday morning.  We were hoping the boys would get to swim with the dolphins, but they didn't show up :(

They did get to go snorkeling, though.  Here they are suited up and ready.

Shell Island

Dillan about to go in.

and then Austin

Dillan got right to work looking for shells and taking underwater pictures

found something...

Austin with a group of people (he's in the front)

Scott and I went to the lower deck and enjoyed watching from the shade

On the ride back in, we saw lots of sea gulls.  A little girl and her mom were feeding them.

Notice I'm further away in this picture.  I was afraid we would either get attacked or pooped on!

We took Lucy to the beach the first night to get her reaction, but it was too dark to really see.  We were paranoid about her getting sand in her eye, so we didn't take her out there again until the morning we were leaving.  I just had to get a picture of her on her first trip to the beach!  We sat her on a lounge chair and she immediately jumped off and took off across the sand!  She thought the sand felt weird under her feet.

We tried again and she sat still long enough for a few good pics :)
I love this picture...it's a framer!

Good bye beach :( 
 Hope to be back again soon!


Diane said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for the lovely comments about my cloches. What sweet photos of your family including Lucy. Your beach photos from your vacation are lovely. I would love to visit that beach! Thanks for following!


Diane said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for the comments about my cloches. The pictures of your family are so sweet including Lucy. I would love to vacation on the beach if it was as beautiful as that one. Thanks for following. I will follow you back.