from Patriot to Panther

We recently attending INCEPT at GSU with Dillan.  INCEPT is a full day loaded with activities for parents and their students.  They provided lots of information, more tours, and then the students registered for their fall classes. 
They also provided lunch for us and many of the school's clubs and organizations were on hand to meet the students and recruit more members.
The cheer squad and the Panther Mascot (Pounce) was also in attendance :)

Before we left, I just had to get a picture of Dillan with this Panther statue.  It's tradition for students to rub it's nose for good luck...look closely and you will see that his nose is almost white from all the rubbing :)
The last thing on the agenda was for Dillan to get his student id made (he had no idea I was lurking outside the door taking his picture....muwaaaahaaahhaaaa!)
My baby's an official Georgia State University Panther now!

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