wisdom x 4

Did y'all have all four of your wisdom teeth?
I did!  and so did Dillan :(

The day of dread finally came this morning, but it didn't take long at all for the surgery.  We were in and out of there in 1 hour's time and headed home.

Lucy knew immediately that something was not right with her brother.
She made a good little nurse...until she heard food being prepared in the kitchen - lol!

So we have lots of written instructions, pudding, ice cream, and jello.....and four medicines on hand.
It's going to be a long weekend! 

I'm glad it's over with and that everything went perfectly. 

but then again, you have to consider the fact that I have all of Dillan's baby teeth in a baby food jar...thanks to the Tooth Fairy, of course! ;)

a souvenir from the surgeon

I wanted to point out something interesting....
you see the dark ring-like stain around the bottom of the teeth?
Keep in mind that these teeth were extracted..they had not come through yet.
Those stains are from the acne meds that Dillan had taken over the last few years.  When children take certain antibiotics BEFORE their baby teeth come in, this is what it can do to them!
I am so thankful that Dillan's permanent teeth look great and are healthy!  But we had to get these bad boys out before they came in and messed up this beautiful smile :)

I love this boy!

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