sweet summer time :)

my niece, Anna (at bat), playing in a district tournament
I sure am enjoying my summer so far!  I still get tickled when I realize I can "go and do" even during the week and don't have to worry about doing homework.  I feel like I missed so much fun the last two summers.

made it to 1st base!
I enjoy a good ball game like the next person, but I really enjoy watching my nieces and nephews play.  It's like having one of my own out there....I'm just as nervous for them at bat as I was for Dillan!

stealing second

safe at 2nd....and later made it home :)

Monday night we were at the ball field.  Last night, we put 21 quarts of peas in the freezer.  I love the satisfaction from the hard work of putting summer vegetables in the freezer.  We'll be going to a market soon to get a few other things for the freezer.


We were back at the ball field last night to see my niece play in the championship game for our district....and they won!  Goin' to state competition in July!

So proud of our little 1st baseman (baselady..ha!)

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