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My two new favorite GF items!

I thought I had to give up protein bars, but I found these made by Luna last week at Publix.
They are gluten free, so I grabbed a box...and love them!  They make a great late morning or afternoon snack.  I also fell in love with these oatmeal cookies.  Not only are they GF, but they are also non-dairy...Yay!  And what's better is that they are so soft....just like a cookie should be! 
I'm in love!

I've got to be honest here.  I've gotten a little bored with the core workout I've been doing.  And because I'm only attempting to do it 2-3 times a week, I dont' feel like it's working as well.  So I went ahead and picked up a new JM dvd.  This one is for trouble zones and I intend to start it tonight. 

I'm feeling a little guilty lately.  I haven't exactly been faithful to work out 2-3 times every week the last few weeks.  Stuff keeps coming up and distracting me.  But I was reminded this morning that we tend to get too comfortable sometimes when we see results early on.  It's easy to get slack, knowing we've already made huge improvements.  But I don't want to get off track....and our beach trip is coming up soon!
So, I'll let you know how I like this one.  I expect to be sore all over again as I'll be doing completely different exercises.  But what do they say?  No pain, no gain!

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Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes said...

I've seen those cookies before, but haven't bought them. Considering the cost of gluten free food, I normally don't buy unless I've tried it or know if someone else says it's good. I'll have to throw them in my cart the next time I shop.

Thanks for your comment this week about my new pet day. Guest posting is not hard and there will be a couple of guest posts in the next couple of weeks if you'd like to see what they look like. I'm sure everyone would love to see Miss Lucy if you decided to join us.

Have a great night.